Hello there, my name is Jane Signar. I'm 20 years olf and work in REWE a german WALL MART you can say. The payment is very good what I never though about it. But I'm not here because I want to talk about my Job right? I'm here because I like some games so much that I don't want them to end. A good friend told me about Moddb and I was like >>Omfg and you don't lie? Are you serious? Something like that is existing? Holy mother of Mxthe.<< So I googled Moddb that day and I was so happy to see that there a so many Half-Life 2 Mods. And of course there were some epic new gameisch ones that changed the gameplay so dramaticly that it doesn't look like Half-Life 2 with the Half-Life 2 gameplay. (Underhell/Grey/CryOfFear/NoMoreRoomsInHell/1187/Hidden:Source) Everyday I come only to Moddb and jump of my chair when I see an epic Mod that is realeased on that day. Nvm I always jump of my chair when I see Moddb and the peoples updates. So that's all for now. Hope you enjoy stalking my Moddb Page.

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Underhell Prologue is a Half-Life 2 Mod.
It's a First-Person-Shooter/Survival/Horror with a very, very, very great story.

What is Underhell?
Underhell is a First-Person-Survival-Horror-Shooter with an amazing story and charakters and indescribably epic music.

What do I need for Underhell?
Any Source Engine Game, Source SDK Base 2007
1.7 GHz Processor
1024 MB RAM
DirectX® 9 level Graphics Card

Windows® Vista/7/XP/2000, Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection

What is it about in Underhell?
In Underhell you are going to play Jake Hawkfield.
Who moved into a nice House on a hill with his recently married wife.
But then she dies in the bathtub nobody realy knows how she died.
The indications point to suicide.
Jake falls apart and only his friend Frank is there to help him.

Where begins the mod?
The mod begins in Jakes house.
Frank calls Jake and wakes Jake up in his living room and says that he needs his help.
There are elite soldiers who have taken control of a hospital and all it's personnel.

Horror and action, how does that work?
Mxthe the Developer made it work.

UnderHell is split in 3 different ''zones''
First: The House - Each chapter has it's own version of The House, with different puzzles and things to discover. The House was the only real scary thing in this Mod but from the things I saw in MxtheI guess there are now scary things in the Chapter too. Being in The House is maybe the hardest thing for the players. After you know whats going on in The House. You will not enjoy your stay in The House.
Second: The Dreams - The Dreams are only accessible from the bed in the House, at night. If you dare to go in your bedroom. The Dreams are very twisted and weird (in a good way). The Dreams give you bits of information about the story to understand some future events better. The Dreams are also something new, you haven't seen something like that. Or maybe in your Dreams? Playing the Dreams was a indescibable experience. It was both awesome and weird. (In a good wa



Mod review

Epic & Scary. Nuff said. lol

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