Jamo Games is a cross-platform games studio based in Birmingham (UK). We are currently working on a game called Inner City Kids which should be out in late 2014.

RSS Updates (09/02/2012)

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Hi all,

Got great feedback from the AWC demo so far, over 100 downloads which is pretty good. The game is almost complete, so I'm on the lookout for a platform that wants it. Desura said no as they have trouble selling puzzle games, still waiting on Steam and Impulse but I am doubtful, I hear it's pretty hard to get onto unless you are already well known. If I hear from them then I will keep you posted, if not then its off to IndieCity!

I have also updated the website with the new trailer, which shows the final games artwork and animation, and added a download link to the demo!

I'd love to build more of a community around Jamo Games, somewhere were we can all get together, have fun and chat about stuff. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


Circuit makes a friend

Make sure to follow Amp, Watts & Circuit on IndieDB, and join in the fun on the AWC group, where we have videos, playable demos, images, free wallpapers and bonus tracks from the game!

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