Level Designer/Game Designer Working with UDK/CryEngine 3/Unreal Engine 4. Storming ideas right now, looking to have some good news pretty soon. I'm 25% Irish, I'm also a musician, computer wiz, and a father. I'm seeking contacts who can model assets, rig and skin. I need help with the assets and welcome equal partners. I'm currently pretty good with level design. Add me, and PM if your interested in working together. Action, survival, RPG's, and FPS preferred, but not set in stone.

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So, I finally got my sub for UE4 and I have to say this thing is amazing. If any of you guys are into game design I would highly recommend checking it out. Not only is it a state of the art engine, highly optimized, and supports multiple platforms, but it's only $20 now!

I've been following Unreal for years and I think they've really out done themselves this time. Support for Android, iOS, OS X, and Linux are all supported. The next update coming this week supports integration with Twitch so you can stream straight to twitch from your editor and get your dev on live or show off a demo of what you're working on.

They've also been working on integrating the marketplace into UE4. When the marketplace fully launches it will be a one stop shop for custom resources like code, assets, plugins, and extensions. The guys at Unreal already have plans for adding a weapons pack for those devs working on action games at launch. So, when the marketplace launches you can drop $30 bucks and have weapons ready to be added into your game.

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