Welcome Fellow Travler To My Wonderous Profile I Am Jake, Plantagenet 527th Heir To The Throne Of England And A Rightful Royal Decendent, The Plantagenets Aren't Gone Weve Just Been Waiting For The Right Time To Retake Our Throne.

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Recently or maybe a while back I made modifications and other random post of other mods that I claimed to edit and with some changes I did make it wasn't all clear but what I really wanted was to become a games developer and expressing myself by making edited mods was my way out.Anyhow I have stoped that now and im now bringing mods ( REAL ) mods from games I like to play and I will only post my mods when there completed and finished not a half done half copied stitch up something real and useable.To find out more about my new mod im creating now........Wait until its Released!Until Next Time Chaps!.Jake,.

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Team of One Game Development

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Christians of Moddb

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Editor's Notes

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Anisoptera Games

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Your shinobi mod is fantastic I love how you acknowleaged people who want mods but have to be a member to get them thank you!

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JakePlantagenet Creator

Thanks so much I only post my mods to moddb or nexus so even people who cannot register can get my mods.

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