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It was a year of 2008 when I started using this site as "jahrastafari27" to show off my latest work the unofficial patch for Call of Juarez which I have made with a great group of friends:

Things went bad. The lack of support had gone. The rate of hackers had risen greatly. We couldn't have stopped that without proper tools that Techland had (e.g. SDK and so on), so we started falling apart since we couldn't help in no way. The community descend, the game was almost dead, only those filthy hackers were playing the game. I moved further. It was a year when Call of Duty 4 came out (2008/9). We were one of those hardcore gamers, we exploited the game, found every bug and glitch and use them for our purposes. Great memories!

Now in 2012 I decided to install Call of Juarez once more. There is a little tournament going on. There are still some old players that I have met back in 2006/7. The player rate is still at 160 at its top like it was those years ago.

Now the duty calls. A have been contacted by a guy, he wants me to work on a new project. I was so happy when I heard about his idea...

Stay tuned!


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