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Well, after such a long time peacefully slicing the heads off of AI orcs, I decided to expand my opponent horizons and go for a multiplayer match.

The mod: TEA
The players: Jonas vs. Ithilien
The factions: Rohan vs. Mordor
The place: West Emnet

Well, I started out quite well (I think) by spamming the entire battlefield with orcs. Soon, I had built Gothmog to lead them, and I decided it would be nice to take a stroll in the general direction of the enemy base. For some reason, the back files of my orcs were walking over peasant corpses, then orc corpses, then they saw the Rohirrim bearing down on them and you can imagine what happened next. Undeterred, I built another 200 orcs and sent them to die in the same manner while my Haradrim sat around the base and glared around in their ninja masks. A couple of Nazgul dropped by to join my army, so I sent them to kill Theoden... which they did. Gamling tried to kill them, so I killed him too. I attacked Eomer, but he lured my Nazgul back to his base, where they were promptly slashed to pieces between the towers. Since I'd destroyed one of his outposts previously, I decided it would be nice to make some catapults and Mumakil while my Nazgul revived. My Mumakil devastated his cavalry, but they were also lured to his base and, again, killed by the towers. His entire cavalry attacked again, just as the Nazgul re-emerged from the citadel. My base was destroyed, although a Mumakil accidentally stepped on Theoden, killing him again. It dealt with Eomer and Gamling, went to his base, and was again killed by the towers. Although my army of ten Haradrim, a Mumakil, and the Nazgul managed to keep him away from the outpost, they succumbed to the Army of the Dead and Elven Archers. What a game!

The replay is located at, or in my downloads section. Perhaps I should have stuck to killing AI orcs...


ahhh....poor Ithilien......

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ithilienranger732 Author

Hey, you're next! xD

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