Insane Lord of the Rings fan, mod tester, and writer of fiction (especially RPs at my staff position at I'm one of those crazy people who has way too many ideas and can't keep his mouth shut. This is how I got the title of "Head Fanatic," and later Adminship, for the Narnia mod. I was formerly WoA's Secretary of Foreign Affairs, but I've resigned that post for ModDB. Recently, I've only been lurking in the corners of moddb, leaving the PR work for Wars of Arda to the more eager Neth, but you'll still see me around from time to time. I marvel, nonetheless, at the amount of respect I get around here... it's weird, but I guess all you need is a level 10 profile and a few friends.

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I guess this place just has a sort of charm for me that I can't shake off. With most of my summer stuff done and the school year coming up, which will inexplicably give me more free time, I've decided that I'm going to start a new blog series. The only question is what faction I should play as...

If anyone cares about this, comment on the blog and post your suggestions for my next war! I may even get screenshots up.

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