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The Dark Lord's forces have wrested the lands along the western side of the Hithaeglir from the hands of Arnor's kings. While the army of Rivendell, led by Elrond, defends Cardolan, the Olog chieftain Burzolog storms through Dunland into the elven city. The Dunedain longbowmen take down many of his trolls, but their valiant efforts are not enough to prevent Rivendell's conquest by the enemy. From his realm of Rhudaur, Argeleb vows vengeance, and his army begins to move towards the elven city...

Translation: It was a sad day for my armies yesterday: Burzolog took over both Dunland and Rivendell. There were five attack trolls in his army when he began his campaign... by the time he had fought his way through the hastily-called fyrds of both provinces, only two remained. Now that Argeleb has an army of respectable size, the duty to retake Burzolog's provinces falls to him...


A sad day....yet your forces made them pay dearly for their victory.

And Argeleb is about to make them pay more dearly for setting up shop....

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