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The siege of Fornost is broken. Although badly bloodied by the enemy, and almost driven over the brink of destruction, the garrison of Fornost manages to sally forth and crush the enemy. As Azog attempts to retreat, an army led by Carthaen breaks upon his rear, spelling total defeat. In the south, Arveleg fights against the Mouth of Sauron, the former Lieutenant of Barad-dur who barely escaped from the Black Gate with his life. Arveleg is pushed back several times, but his force rallies when reinforcements from Harlindon arrive. The elves come to Arveleg's aid and drive out the enemy at last. However, the Olog chieftain Burzolog, bypassing the battle lines drawn up by Carthaen, attacks Dunland, attempting to drive his force all the way into Rivendell...

Translation: Although my walls were completely torn apart at Fornost, and I lost quite a few men, I still managed to completely rout Azog. During the same turn, I had Arveleg and Co. defend Minhiriath against the Mouth. Fortunately for me, I managed to defeat the enemy force inside my base by drumming up some Lone Towers, and eventually I mounted a counterattack of my own. Now, in Dunland, I face one of my most challenging defensive battles yet...


Ah, I love alternate history! hehe.....but this is good

....but not as good as it should be. You're missing something....

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ithilienranger732 Author

*shifty look* Welllllllll... file transfer is somewhat difficult, if you catch my drift.

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