Star Wars and sci-fi fan I am with many interests and hobbies. Currently, i'm undertaking the exciting task of learning how to code and map in the source engine to go from playing mods to actually helping develop and release them. As I am doing this, i'm currently in the process of making several Empire at War/Forces of Corruption maps based off of locations in the movies or games in conjunction with Exotictofu. Right now we're engaged in the tricky process of creating the historic Restuss PVP map from the Star Wars MMO Star Wars Galaxies! We've rolled out an Alpha version and are fine tweaking it at the moment to capture the Star Wars feel. Check out the mod page (we're listing it as a mod because we arn't finished yet) for more info and screenshots. As for now, we're sticking to creating maps so if you have a favorite location that you want us to integrate into FoC, post here or on the mod page :)

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I'm happy to report that i've been brought on board with Project Restuss! Project Restuss is a group working to incorporate high quality, authentic Star Wars maps into Empire at War and it's expansion pack Forces of Corruption. At the moment, we are working on the namesake map, Restuss from the Star Wars MMO Star Wars Galaxies. In the MMO Restuss is the main PVP zone where imperials and rebels alike come to dish it out in brutal, all out, never ending warfare. So far, we've got the starport and rebel base complete, as we near the end and hash out all the bugs and spawning issues, we may port building models into the game or design our own. Stay tuned for more information and screenshots which we have a few of on the mod page.

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