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Until it doesnt of course. All very logical on some level that everyone understands.

But how do you sit down to do normal things when your heart is broken?
Last year I had work at a theater. People in life that I am very close to.
Would not be happy, but I would have gone in because I had to.
And had the support of my comrades in arms...fellow stage hands.
Of course, I left that in august for family reasons.

When did one little cat become such a big thing?
He originally came my way because of less than desirable humans.
They wanted to put him to sleep because he barfed too much.
Then the person who rescued him from them (not a cat person) had no idea
they declawed him and put him outside with feral cats.

I took him because someone had to care for his special needs.
Back then I had other favorite cats. They have all died as well.
Some part of me wishes they lived longer like some birds.
Or shorter so the attachment would not be as strong.
But they live as long as they were meant to, as do we all.

A friend said that watching a series of pets pass away is like being a highlander.
Or a timelord.

I just know right now that going on is pretty damn hard. This is the first day
without Porter.

If you dont have pets (given that you are pet caring material, some are not)
then you wont be broken like this. You also wont have all the days of joy
and that short time with the glowing light of an angel in your life.

When my life is done, gaurdian angels should look so good.
Oh wait. They will. I get to see them all again.
But damn, it is a long freaking wait.

Good thing I have code to write.


Woah this is bad sad to hear, I dont have pet but yea sad he was very cute. hope you can get better soon good luck friend!

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