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White Night

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What makes a game scary? Frictional Games proved that more often than not, the best way to scare your audience is to set up a creepy, tense, unsettling and dangerous atmosphere. Do this, and your audience will scare themselves to death, no matter what they find.

White Night captures this spirit neatly. Despite whatever crticisms I have for this mod, I have to say it now: this is one of the best third-party addons for a game I have ever seen, simply because Tanshaydar knows exactly how to nail the atmosphere.

At every turn you will be plagued by terrors that exist only within your own imagination. You round the corner or turn the lights on, and there's nothing there. But that doesn't stop you from approaching the next unknown like you would a psychotic bengal tiger.

Tanshaydar knows exactly how to stimulate the part of our imagination that insists on seeing threatening shapes in empty, darkened rooms, much like the Frictional Games team does. The sounds, the environments, the creepy mindrape that permeates every hour of play - all of it creating that creeping, crawling fear that comes from the anticipation of horror, making the monster encounters so much worse

Of course, there are very few monsters in it. Not that it matters - as far as your subconcious is concerned, there are monsters everywhere until it is proven otherwise, and even then, some of the sneaky tricks Tanshaydar employs will leave you with your heart in your mouth. The monsters scenes, the hallucinations - these aren't scary alone. But thanks to the care and attention of the creator, the ever-crucial atmosphere is spot on, and everything turns from mildly creepy to unbearably terrifying because of it.

Oh, but it gets LESS scary as it progresses, as if the final third of the game was just one huge rush to wrap up the story, and it shows.

Tanshaydar should also have gotten a native english speaker to write the notes, and the voice acting/effects were incredibly shoddy.

Otherwise? A SUBLIME mod.

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