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The big news right now is the public alpha of v5 starting in the DB Testing group. But we also deployed a number of other small enhancements at the same time, the biggest being the addition of "you may also like" in all profiles.


The idea of this feature is simple. Discovery is a challenge for everyone, if not downright annoying. If your mod or game is not in the top 100 your chances of being found here and on other sites is difficult. The recommendations feature aims to combat this by adding a few suggestions at the bottom of every profile. We hope it will encouarge a little more exploring and for you to find some hidden gems. Enjoy!


Don't like this at all tbh. Don't see the use in it either other than to mention other mods on a mod page.

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This is a good thing, but I would more on the new version of the site and also this doesn't make much sense. For example a mod like Far Cry 2010 (mostly a graphic remaster of a whole Far Cry 1) is not the same like any other mod which was on the list and its randomly generated. If there would be for choosing mods which are similar to it, then it would be great, but unless you plan to check and compare every single mod on the site then it's definitely not needed.

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Yeah all it does is recommend the vast plethora of trash mods or dead mods.
Either improve this feature or remove it really. This just harms the place and the mods.

People know how to look for more mods of a certain game. They have no need for this really. It just distracts from the mod content too.

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feillyne StaffSubscriber

But how and why, Orange? In most cases relevant mods and indies are recommended? Did you know that around two or three years ago there was a great purge of crappy/archived/no-media/etc old mods so the site is actually cleaner for quite a while now? (Except for those dammawful Half-Life "joke" (troll or half-trolling) mods that pop up everywhere lately.)

As long as those suggestions are relevant, what is the harm really?

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I like that you's are trying to give everyone an even chance to get their game seen! I really hope it works out wither one way or another!
Much Love.

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