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Eternal Silence Development: PR

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Kage Musha has been working his magic getting all of the developers' blogs up in one spot here. That means you will see all of my blog entries as well as every other blog entry made by a member of the development team (who volunteered) on eternal-silence.net. Hopefully this will give the community the transparency in development they desire. :)

Now for the first of my development blogs. As Ignition-Point Entertainment's PR guy I have the most interaction with the community. This is great for me; Eternal Silence's community is solid, supportive, and constructively critical. Sometimes the criticism from the community can be a little overwhelming even, but rarely is anyone's feelings hurt and in the end the game is made better for it. Kind of a trial-by-fire sort of deal. Our reason for listening to the community is partially because practically everyone currently on the development team was at one point a helpless ES newbie who came to the eternal-silence.net forums and found a wealth of support. We can't ignore the community spirit. The game as it is right now (before the release of the tutorial) has a rather steep learning curve, but the community will be there for you through that learning period and before long you'll be touching the top of the scoreboard with the best. With a game as wonderfully complex as Eternal Silence, everyone ends up developing their own play-style. You'll be dog-fighting someone in space, dodging interceptor missiles, and tracking a dropship but still be able to recognize who you're up against.

My True Identity!

AlfredG Blog 3 comments

So for all of you hackers pouring into my site rite now looking to steal my identity my true name is.............


Yes indeed. I go by GMan in every forum, game, steampowered downloader, and mod site. Except for one. This is the one. Some heartless bastard stole my true identity {identity theft!} and I am left with the much better and yet much less internetsly consistent "IndieJunkie." Yes indeed. So, uh, yeah. Uhhuh.

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