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Incognito Author

I think the HMLRS could be slightly bigger. Judging by the cockpit and rocket launcher's size.

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Pretty impressive! What are you using as reference?

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Incognito Author

Well, most of modern battle tanks - M1A1, Merkava, Leopard, then took some modular references from each one (periscope, smoke launchers, etc) - I eventually add my own spin though, like the hatch I changed, as well as the smoke launchers, took a reference from some non-descript vehicle.

Then also some inspiration from old IS (Soviet tank) which I hope to use for the turret, as the metal there looks really thick and "rough". Tried to make the Titan a "walking tank" so I increased the size of the turret by a significant amount, to give it that beastly look. It should be a heavy walker that demands respect on the battlefield. It goes slightly against the original reference (which is almost round in shape compared to this one, where I prolongued the upper part), but we'll see.

PS: as it's a heavy tank with a heavily armored turret, I wonder if that automatically makes the legs its biggest weak-spot. I intended to add all the baggage carrying holsters there so the soldiers can easily put it on (compared to climbing with the 40kgs to the top) and as a sort of "cheap" protection against... will need help on figuring that one out :P

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That leads to me wondering, which I have been for quite some time. I doubt GDI discarded their entire tank-arsenale and replaced it with just walkers, no matter how cool they are.

So, I wonder: Which kind of terrains and scenarios would a walker be used? And which would a tank be used?

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Incognito Author

I completely agree. I personally never saw much of a usage for walkers, when tanks were specifically made to be all-terrain vehicles. A heavy walker would hardly be able to match a tanks mobility and speed, especially when we look at the Titan.

The question is, what makes walkers special? What are the advantages compared to tanks? The LS3 mule is a robotic "mule" which helps infantry get their stuff across all sorts of terrain, even steeper ones. A walker which supports infantry in urban and closed areas would make sense, since you can't exactly drive a tank through the alley-ways. But a bigger one, I really have a hard time seeing why that would work.

The Titan's advantage might be its height, allowing him to shoot at enemies from a greater distance while only offering them the heavily armored turret. When the walkers get refined, who knows, maybe they will be able to climb steep terrains. I could imagine walkers being used in forests and jungles, cities. Because they can more easily avoid obstacles there (trees, cars, blockades). The Wolverine is a great example of a successful walker - fast, good armor and great firepower.

Good question man, what's your take on it?

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size comparison vs. HMLRS

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