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I was wondering if you are going to introduce magical and legendary items which would available to the player, such as elven rings and wizard staffs.

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Some great plans, the hype is so real! Got a question:
will these storyline quests be released at once in the first version?

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Looks cool man, adding little details and features that make a difference between great mod and amazing one. Can you also add a feature that the lord can be killed in the battle? Then battle concequences can be more realistic

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Hello, i really apreciate all the work you have done and all the bug fixes, but in addition can you please add the new items of yours to the original cheat menu, because its impossible to find all the items in towns. Thank you for the great mod!

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Would it not be better to see you hero wearing a magical ring on his hand rather than keeping it in inventory.

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I have a question about the rings, can you pehaps add magical rings that give you extra hit points and armor? They can be worn in form of the glove similarly to ones in "Blood in the West"

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Thanks for the mod, it's great!! Is it possible to include permanent death of character,companions and generals?if yes is it possible to include hitokiri missions

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Based on the current progress speed,when will you be able to release the full version? If its not longer than two months I`ll happily wait for the full one.

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Can you add a cheat menu please, its a bit of a pain to spend so much time trying to get all these special items from fraction leaders

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Hope you will include shinsengumi as units, after all they have been quite notable characters during that period

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