Three people get captured by indians while walking through the woods. they say "ok, we will let you live if you find some fruit." the first guy comes back with grapes. they tell him "if you can shove those up your ass without laughing, we will let you live." so he gets almost all of them in and bursts out laughing. "why did you laugh?" "cuz the next guy came back with a pineapple!" so they kill him. they tell the guy with the pinapple "if you can shove that up your ass without laughing, we will let you live." he gets it almost all the way in and just bursts out laughing. "why the fuck did you laugh?!" "cuz the third guys got a watermelon!!" aaaaaaaaaanyway, im into pretty much anything that has giant robots or mechs. i love spiders, i love mechs, put them together, omg. same thing with centipedes. i love legos. i frequently use the free program called Lego Digital Designer. pretty easy. hard at first but its fun to use once you get to know it. i love to make my legos pose.

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the biggest spider i have ever handled. ive seen bigger at pet stores, and ive asked to handle them but the store owners dont want any accidents soooo...

this is one of the two types of spiders that make their homes in the two corrugated sheet metal tunnels near my house. waist deep water filled with mud and sticks, with little white spider webs every few feet along the tunnel.

some i could poke with nothing happening...

others i could poke and it would WIGGLE AND ID BE LIKE **** **** **** ****...

because i love spiders, but that doesnt mean im stupid. this one i provoked to bite me out of curiosity, and it ******* hurt, but it was nothing compared to a yellow jacket's sting.

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some old picsssss

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