I'm a 30-something web developer/programmer, who loves gaming, and loves saving cash. I think that last part comes from being half-Scots... ;) I mainly play on Wii (I love Wiimote/nunchuk controls for FPS games, it's worth the sacrifice in graphics) or on PC. I'll play games on Linux preferably, as it's the OS I use day-to-day, though I still dual-boot to play Windows-only games. Also, I can't work out how to put newlines into my bio. I like white space. You'll find me inhabiting the Bundeals group on Desura, come and join us there!

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List of Desura Because We May games

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I've put up a list of Desura (& Indievania) games that will be on offer for the Because We May sale here:

Because We May Desura Deals

As I stated in the thread, I had no idea that any Desura games would be on offer - which is a bit crappy considering that the point of Because We May is to "celebrate online stores" like Desura...

I'll keep the thread updated anyway.

Indie Buskers Bundle

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Yay, finally another bundle, apart from the Humble Bundle, to be willing to release some source code into the wild! Something that the other 'me-too' bundles don't seem to have the balls to do.

I just looked at the source for Super Office Stress (the source has been released early for this one), and it appears that it will be compilable on Linux too (it just needs SOIL and Allegro 4) - though I think that it needs a new Makefile.

The Indie Buskers bundle is pay-what-you-want, certainly worth picking up, and is definitely worth shouting about (more source releases - it needs publicised!).

Check out my article here for details, links etc: Indiedb.com

Linux gaming deals - where art thou?

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For the Bundeals group, I'm going to write an article (or a series of articles, by the looks of it) on the lack of Linux game bundles and sales, but I have so many questions, that I'm just going to spew them up all over my blog for the moment, to try and get some sense out of them.

Special offers on Linux games

Where are the sales? Desura currently only has one (!) Linux game on special offer (Lost Labyrinth at 50% off). Why aren't there more?

And related to that - why does Desura, in general, have so few special offers (there's only 10 Windows games on sale currently)? Is it entirely up to the developers to put their games on a sale, or not? Why aren't the developers putting games on sale? Could Desura do more in this regard - e.g. starting up seasonal sales (like a certain other company does, with much success)?


Why is the Humble Indie Bundle still the only bundle that has all games as cross-platform? Out of all of the seven indie bundles currently on sale, only one has any cross-platform games, and it is only a single title in the bundle (Hack, Slash, Loot in the Indie Royale bundle). Otherwise, it is Windows-only out there.

Considering that the HiB regularly has a total income that is ten times larger than any other indie bundle, & Linux sales account for a fifth of this (in the last bundle, approx $125,000 was from Linux), why aren't other bundles making the same moves?

The HiB is used as proof that the Linux gaming community, whilst relatively small, is very vocal, and is willing to put it's money where it's mouth is to get games on Linux. Is the fact that HiB is cross-platform, the main reason that these other bundles can not match it's success? (Or is it a combination of this, plus other reasons. e.g. pay-what-you-want, with no minimum?)


Why aren't more indie developers porting their games to Linux? Or using cross-platform tools to begin with?

Kickstarter projects are also showing the demand for Linux versions of games - so why aren't there more?

And to complete my circular thoughts: for the games we do have on Linux - why aren't there more promotions/offers?

(If you do have your game on offer somewhere, or know of one, let us know in our Bundeals group - thanks!)

What are your answers to these questions? Let me know in the comments. :)

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