Haven't been doing a lot of work lately, but I've been getting back on track, and getting much better at my work.

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Well I have a little over a year left before I head off to college. I'm planning on going to my community college for two years and then transfer to San Diego's Art U. Recently I just got my braces on.. Yeah I know I'm way too old or almost to old for braces and they still hurt... The worst part of it is that I wont be able to stay up as easily due to not being able to drink "mah" Coke and or Monster :'(. Right now I'm in the middle of getting a job over at a local computer technician's office, where my brother worked for several years as a start-up job. I've known the man for years but never ever talked to him on a professional basis in person (AKA a interview), though I have talked to him over the phone and email giving him a short but sweet resume. I'm sure ill be able to get the job since I've worked worth computers on a learning process for the past 5-6 years, and the last 2 years of developing my art and software skills.

The only problem that I may have is that my knowledge of other OS's is quite basic and not enough to be of much help. I am learning more about the mac's OS mainly over the web since I don't have 1.2-2G's to spend on a computer. Linux for me though is a much faster and more hands-on expirience for me since I have VMWare installed with a copy of Open-Source Suse v11.

Other than software, hardware is definitely not a important task since I find it extremely easy to know the difference in good-bad hardware and thus i'm skilled into removing parts etc. I did build my computer just out of a bare-bone. I bought it from TigerDirect :)t. It isn't impressive since all the parts came together but it was a modest fix for a cheap price. Hmm..

In my personal life there isn't much to tell, I go to parties but they're not much to brag about, boring yet energizing I guess I should say. The only game I play is Starcraft 2 nowadays. I would play a lot of other games but due to my crappy connection there isn't much fun with 250+ ping. I workout occasionally just to keep my bones and muscles oiled since staying on the computer for hours on end kills my neck and with myself fit and happy it goes away.. < Hmm worded awkwardly lol. Well that seems like it. I just wanted to post it for some reason even though it will get like 20 views and no comments XD. Hmm off to games, life, computer, um.... this? Bye :D


Haha! Comment :P

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Icedecknight Author

Hehe Thanks :D

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Interesting... I have to agree on the mac OS, generally very few people used mac and linux, so if you know windows you are pretty sorted, however over the past few years (2 from what I noticed) here in SA its noted a rather large growth in mac products, the iPhone, iPad and the notebooks etc... And it is difficult to learn something you cant get your hands on, I cant even get a 30day trial of mac (for obvious reasons)... Soo yeah, but command wise I found its not much different from linux =]

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Icedecknight Author

Yeah if only their was a parallel universe where the operating systems were switched so Macs ran windows and PC's ran OSX :) that would make my life so much easier. If Apple were to decrease their computer prices by about 500-1000 (USD(Depending on the hardware) and increase the customization a huge amount of people would switch. I think a 900$ i7 iMac would be nice :D.

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