I'm quite the typical old player, big fan of CnC and Battlefield serries, and they got me into modding, currently the DConAW is my first public mod project, before that i did few mods for Generals ZH for own entertaiment, as well mapping for the old BF42 and many many other RTS games.

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Where to start... Guess simpliest start with CnC Zero Hour.

As could notice it i started a new mod by my self, which i hope could grow bigger project then just a solo. Also tring to keep the level realistic in this mean and not make an total conversion with 30+ sides as you can see at some mods, though add 1-1 additional side to the exsisting generals.

My biggest inspiration for my mod are Contra mod, Shock Wave mod, and the Code Geass anime. I kinda like to make new classes of units into already exsisting mix, like the Areal Navy units or the mobile "Base" units. Have better and better ideas for these.

-Areal Navy Units: Large fling Navy vessel like units, moderate/slow speed, heavy armor and massive ammunt of weapons, which makes it a devastating agents ground targets, unless the opponent have some heavy air deffence ( SAM sites, fighters, or precision alty )

-Mobile Base Units: Massive ground unit, armed and even some times with factory / money collecting capabilities. They work as an forward possition and alone can handle lot of enemies and take lot of punishment, but with out support these beasts vurnable, take 3 to an offensive and they will provide rapid reinforcements to your forces.

Now the tricky part for this two will come with that if these units get serriusly damaged they become immobile, so like they crash/stuck on the ground and become sitting ducks until destroyed, repaired or even maybe captured by your opponent, thats something i havent seen in other mods yet, if we not count the Neutron shell weapons in general.

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