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"Ehhh, why do you suddenly renamed your project to v2.95/3.0 instead of into 3.0?"

Well I'm very glad you asked. After a few digging through about my resources, I'm pretty sure my ideals are only about 95% completed. I will only advocate 3.0 if my ideals can reach 100%.

Like many other authors, all had ideals, and all faced limitations to what they can achieve, towards novelists, these are called 'writer's block'. Modders are no different than artist in crossing roads, as all want their own ideal world to be exhibited.

In my circumstances, Ares, although it came to fit 95% of what I demanded, still lacks of some things that I want for the mod. One of the desires of mine is for custom rads to work. One of the blueprints for Generals 3.0 is to have custom 'Tesla Radiation' for Russia country on their Tesla warheads. This warheads brings less harm to Infantries but can slow and damages vehicles gradually compared to chemical radiation. Chemical radiation on the other hand, would release poison gases from the Infantry killed in that area, while Nuclear radiation damages more on vehicles.

I will also be temporary changing one of the units from North Korea, Death Hand, due to a bug that doesn't make Cellspread works with KillDriver feature. Until when AlexB fixes this bug, I'll have to divert it another way. What is on my mind now is to make it still instantly kills Infantry, and deals moderate damage to tanks, and also harshly lowers their armor, firepower and speed. This unit won't deal any damage to structures, as it will be too imbalanced.

Another sadness is that one of the resource site of YR argentina backup, Joomla, isn't providing downloads towards my needs. Until yesterday only I found that Joomla isn't much welcomed in Project Perfect Mod. Still, I have most of the resources I needed. Anyone who knows my thread on PPM forums will know what I am missing. It took me some time, but I manage to find some reliable sources from chinese mods, (which they have a credit list to prevent being called a thief,) however, I am uncertain if this will end or may be the right way to end things. I'll contact the author of the sources, if I have to, to ensure my mod is being severely authorized. But if I can't find the suitable sources for my mod, then I will have to consider alternatives for it, and I don't want that to happen.

Well that's the downside of my story. But other than bad news, I also have good news.

One of the good news is that the blueprint of Generals Mod 3.0 is set. If Ares manages to fix that KillDriver bug and implant Custom Rad types, then I'll straight away update it to 3.0.

I will also be planning to implant this mod to CnCNet if possible. After seeing some good plays of Mental Omega 3.3 multiplayer skirmish, I would also love to see chaotic rampages of people playing Generals Mod 3.0. (But many people will complain about the imbalanced aspect. In my philosophy however, this is supposed to be imbalanced and chaotic just like DotA IMBA to DotA. Feedback and suggestions are welcomed however.)

Last but not least, the amount of exclusive units for each country (other than Yuri) has been raised from 12 to 14. Woohoo, that is a large number right!? Yeahh! Awesome! No seriously though, 2 units in a C&C game can result in a game changer. Now every country will have 13 exclusive units and 1 epic unit to divert their playstyle. One of which I will add to France is Lockdown MLRS, which fires 6 EMP Rockets to disable their enemy armor then again fire another 2 H.E. Rockets to blast the disabled into smithereens. (Boy, that sounded quite wrong.) The change can be found here in this blog:

EDIT: More good news! I decided to add 15 units (14 exclusive, 1 epic) instead of just 14 due to Soviet having an extra being an unfair advantage.

However regarding my Unit Description blog, I'm losing my motivation and will do it only after the release of the Early Access of my mod, which will be on 25th-27th of January. Till then, IamInnocent out.

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