Both I and my teammate are prolific YouTube gamers, and we like to spend some of our free time developing experimental games within various genres.

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What can I say about Paranormal that hasn't already been said. Though it is still a work in progress, the content that is available so far shows what is sure to be a bright future for this game.
I will admit that at first I was a little skeptical about the ability to scare the player, with little to no atmosphere building. But the cleverly designed environments and the overall feeling of claustrophobia add greatly to the atmosphere almost as soon as you enter the game. Though not all the scares are quiet up to par with some of the larger ones, they mostly get the job done well. Sometimes forcing you into one room, or even using the false security given by a large open room as a means of getting the player to lower their guard, leading to some heart wrenching scares.
The use of audio in Paranormal is phenomenal in its results, from the lightest of creaks to the loudest of thuds, the audio suits the environment perfectly and hardly ever feels out of place. The use of low bass rumbles also adds a nice bit of pre-scare confusion, either add a feeling of unease or to draw their focus to something.
Overall, this game is and will continue to great.

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