Hey, everyone, welcome to my ModDB profile page. I will be posting little projects here such as test maps, maybe some tutorials and things of that nature. I am the lead developer, and currently only developer, of 'Canals' a Half-Life 2 mod. I'd really appreciate if you would check that out and send some feedback my way! I also did a little bit of work on 'The Abyss,' and I mean minimal work. In the distant past I worked on a very large mod called 'Iron Horizon' that never saw release, but that was a very large, very popular project where I lead the level design team. I also like to help people on their mods, so if you want some assistance on little things here and there I'd be more than happy to give advice or maybe even do some work for you here and there, as long as I get credit for doing so. You probably see me all over the Half-Life 2 community, so I guess this is all I really need to say. Thanks again for the visit.

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Hey everyone,

I'm just making a quick little post here, an update if you would. I haven't done too much mapping in the past several years, I've done some, but I haven't really done it, if you know what I mean. I did little maps here and there, but never a full project. So I'm probably a little bit rusty, and a little bit slow. I will take on a few small map projects to start with; little ten minute levels just to get warmed up. I will be taking screenshots and posting them, just to get some content out there, but I may also be posting the maps themselves for play. Hopefully after some time I will be back to my old skill, understanding, and speed in the source engine. I'm really looking forward to making some cool maps for everyone. I may even attempt to join someone's project in the future, once I'm comfortable, who knows?

On another note, for the next two weeks or so I won't be too active, because I am starting up school again, and that comes with a big move into the dorms, and a big change of pace for me. I really hope I will have something to show everyone by the end of the month. Until then, Enjoy some of these little images of radom stuff I've been doing the past few years.

If anyone who sees this is interested in getting someone who can map source, or maybe edit and improve upon pre-existing maps in source, please contact me. I'm pretty easy to find. You could message me here, on steam, or by my email. My Steam is Reeze The Vampire (huge surprise), and you email is Reeze.gamer@gmail.com, hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you for your time,

Reeze The Vampire

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