Hey, everyone, welcome to my ModDB profile page. I will be posting little projects here such as test maps, maybe some tutorials and things of that nature. I am the lead developer, and currently only developer, of 'Canals' a Half-Life 2 mod. I'd really appreciate if you would check that out and send some feedback my way! I also did a little bit of work on 'The Abyss,' and I mean minimal work. In the distant past I worked on a very large mod called 'Iron Horizon' that never saw release, but that was a very large, very popular project where I lead the level design team. I also like to help people on their mods, so if you want some assistance on little things here and there I'd be more than happy to give advice or maybe even do some work for you here and there, as long as I get credit for doing so. You probably see me all over the Half-Life 2 community, so I guess this is all I really need to say. Thanks again for the visit.

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So I get to play refugee for the weekend, which is pretty fun stuff. You know how I mentioned that hurricane? Well that happened. I hope my computer is safe back in my dorm. But I'm out now, and we'll cared for. It's actually a fun time, super exciting, a nice change of pace for once. The best thing is, classes are cancelled for the week. Oh yea, no homework. I digress, I just thought I'd let you know what was going down, in case I go missing; God forbid I'm not on for a day, right? Well, I hope you're all doing well. I apologize for any weird spelling or grammar, I'm on my phone.

Thank you,

Reeze the Vampire


You'll make it. Hope the storm won't do any damage for you. Or anyone else for that matter. God bless.

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ReezeTheVampire AuthorOnline

Thank you. I'm sure everything will be ok. The only thing I'm actually worried about is my computer.

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You're online now! Sos did your comp make it?

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ReezeTheVampire AuthorOnline

Not sure. I'm still a refugee on a cot lol. But I do have my phone, so that's what I'm using.

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