Hey, everyone, welcome to my ModDB profile page. I will be posting little projects here such as test maps, maybe some tutorials and things of that nature. I am the lead developer, and currently only developer, of 'Canals' a Half-Life 2 mod. I'd really appreciate if you would check that out and send some feedback my way! I also did a little bit of work on 'The Abyss,' and I mean minimal work. In the distant past I worked on a very large mod called 'Iron Horizon' that never saw release, but that was a very large, very popular project where I lead the level design team. I also like to help people on their mods, so if you want some assistance on little things here and there I'd be more than happy to give advice or maybe even do some work for you here and there, as long as I get credit for doing so. You probably see me all over the Half-Life 2 community, so I guess this is all I really need to say. Thanks again for the visit.

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So today I was looking over my stuff and realized that I made a small blog post about my DeviantArt account, but not my other accounts. What on earth? So I decided, since I haven't done anything interesting as of late, and I have so many die-hard stalker fans, I'd make a post with all of my other stuff. Keep in mind that, right now, I'm just trying to set up accounts under the 'Reeze The Vampire' persona/name. So these sites are pretty barren for the most part; but fear not! I plan on getting much more active online in the near future, so don't write me off yet because after a while I will spray these sites with obnoxious amounts of pointless words and images.

Youtube: Youtube.com

I plan on using my Youtube account to upload a large variety of content, some of which I'm sure someone will enjoy depending on their taste in youtube videos. It will range from tutorials (real and parodies), general discussion stuff, modding stuff, art, commentaries, maybe some reactions, and definitely a few skits. So depending on weather you like education, humor, or maybe just light entertainment, hopefully I'll have you covered.

Twitter: Twitter.com

I am very new to twitter, so I don't really understand it yet, but I'm sure my tweeting skills will improve as I become more of an internet attention seeker. My Twitter is already linked to my ModDB page, but if you want to actually look at stuff, It's probably best to just go onto the site itself. The stuff I post on twitter will be, of course, just daily crap I'm up to like everyone else. There will be a fair bit of mapping stuff on there, including development work and spoilers, though, so if you'd like to see that, you know where to find it.

Steam: Steamcommunity.com

What kind of source modder would I be without a steam account? So here it is. Feel free to add me as a friend or use steam to talk to me personally. I'm on steam almost always, and it's a good way to contact me. There isn't too much else to be said about this.

Facebook Facebook.com

This page is totally, completely dead right now because otherwise I'd be wasting my time posting my stuff here for no one. I'll basically use it the way I use twitter. I'll use them both for the exact same thing. So if you have one or the other, you can still get all that yumminess. I promise to actually use my Facebook page after I get followers on it, or at least a follower.

So that pretty much covers my social media. If you can't access these links or something else happens. You can always find me as 'Reeze The Vampire' on just about any site I'm on.

Thank you,

Reeze The Vampire

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