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Hrurik @ Sparta

Thank you for the update. I will try it out now

Amazing experience this has been so far

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Hrurik @ Sparta

I have a suggestion to the mod.
in polis you can hire up to 20 hotlites each week. Is it possible to make it increase if you own the town yourself? Let's say if you own it then you get the choice of either hireing the regular 20 troops for 2000 or you can choose to hire 40 for 4000? it would make it a huge change, considering you are a solo king and have the need to hire troops to either defending your town or dying on the battlefield. then your fief is not entirely defenseless if you lose your fighting army.

I am currently King of Sparta, who abandoned the crumbling peloponessian league to secure his own borders. I have no vassals, nor do i wish it. i am currently fighting off the Delian league by the pass of Pytho / Delphoi, trying to secure myself a peace treaty so my economy can rise a bit, so i don't go bankrupt. i expect the remaining part of the peloponnessian league will soon declare war against the Delian league, to reclaim old teritories. which would pressure the delian league to go into peace with me. they can not successfully take over my little kingdom. and then after 50 -100 days when the peloponnesian league had tried with no success in gaining ground against the delian league. then i will go in and aid them with my army of Lakedaimon Hoplites. these are interesting times indeed. there is a good power balance in the mod

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Hrurik @ Sparta

fair enough, however, if you want to add some new features, but lack ideas. then in the viking conquest dlc, there is a couple of good to choose from.

i will name a couple; in vanilla mount and blade when you siege a castle then you always take it over, but in viking conquest you have a numbers of choices, you can either

(1) ''loot the town and leave'' = 'caravan loot', and a little bonus money, and a small amount of negative reputation with the town and yourself.

(2) ''devastate the town and leave'' = 'village loot', and a large bonus of cash, and a large amount of negative reputaion giving to the town and to the player. Gives a morale boost to your men. (there is a scene in this option where the player and his troops are slaying town folks in the town.

(3) ''conquer the town, and spare the inhabitants'' = Conquer the town and spares the inhabitants. It gives a medium negative morale bomb to your men and a few loyalty points to the town.

(4) ''conquer the town and loot it'' = Scene where the player and his troops are killing town folks in the town, it gives you some negative loyalty points to your town, but you gain a little loot, a little bonus money, and morale boost to your troops, and a
small reputaion drop.

there was also looting with choices;
(1) ''share the loot equally with your men'' = standard loot, with a small morale boost.

(2) ''take first claim on the loot'' = lots of good loot, but gives a large negative morale for your men.

(3) ''leave the loot for your men' = medium morale boost

(4) ''Leave the loot, and bury the dead'' = reputation boost

all of these gave different kind of gains and cons.

and last that i can think of, is the lady quest. for married ladies in the game there is the quest where you can ask them; ''is there anything i can do to win your favor?'' In Viking conquest these quests can also be used with non married ladies, it would be nice to see this implemented, to boost marriage in the mod with a bit.

These were some of my favorite features in mount and blade, and it would be nice to see them in this mod as well

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Hrurik @ Sparta

nice patch, thanks man. athen seems to be equal with sparta now, and i like the little touch with asking the king to go to war. i have two questions. What is the name for the song in the music folder, it is called sp_Music_54? and do you plan to add more features?

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Hrurik @ Sparta

well, considering it's historical accurate, then i am not the one to be complaining. Badass mod anyway, from yesterday when i wrote this, there has been a turn of event, sparta is dimishning slowly (without my interference) Athen and persia is the new super powers, persia besieged Theiben and the siege literally took 3 weeks in game time without a break, eliminating almost every spartan army and themselves. Afterwards Athen then took the city, it was a epic war. Meanwhile athen ran a campaign against the smaller city states, and won most of their estates, they have integrated over most of the map with vassals joining them. I am counting 33 generals and a king in their league. i have passed day 650, with a personal army of nearly 2000, only Lakedaimon troops, and i am certain that a good amount of the lords of the Peloponnesian league will be joining me, afer i have proved my worth. I must say, that it has been a while since i was really sucked into a campaign in mount and blade, while not continuing starting over again and again. not since i played warband for the first time, and then Viking Conquest. So i thank you and your team for the great work. Amazing.

I would however still love to see a bigger persian faction (if that is ever possible?) and also. i have a question. The character Agis, the lord of Tegea. Is he supposed to be the real life son of Arkidamos?

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Hrurik @ Sparta

Amazing mod to almost every degree, i love the difficulty. however, i have a reguest if you would be inclined to hear me out.
I would hope to see a bigger persian faction, more towns/villages/castles, more lords with slightly larger armies. I like the idea of a persian super power. a faction that should be feared by all of greek and beyond.

I am pretty far into my campaign, as a Spartan lord, building up his reputation, right to rule and armies, and relation with other spartan lords, in hope to one day split up the peloponnesian league and become the king of sparta. however i find the faction of the peloponnesian league to be extremely overpowered, they are by far the superior faction in this mod, nearly wiped out the dalian league within the first few months, and every time they go to war with anyone they end up as the victorious winning the fiefs. So i have spent a lot of time putting my own campaign aside to''giving'' fief to the other factions so they are still alive and functioning.

I was also hoping that you could do some sort of nerf to the Spartans. I am not talking about making the troops weaker, i like that they are fierce fighters.

but either make their armies slightly smaller, or give a nerf to their realm, so they don't own so many fiefs and lords.

so perhaps grant the fiefs from Aliphere to Methone to Olympias and those in between those three places, to the Achaean city states, and some of the lords within the Peloponnesian league who does not look like Lakedaimon.

I think it would be a good change, and give the campaign as a spartan lord, more ''value'' so you have to defend the small spartan kingdom and your properties. because as of right now. i am a lord of 5 towns /castles, and all i have to do is, sit and wait for weeks to gain more money, recruit soldiers, gaining reputation. i don't even dare helping the lords of my faction in a fight, because then the lords will just gang up and wipe out entire factions.

Also. i don't know if it is intentional or what. But i think that the plume on King Akidamos helmet has a texture error, it looks kinda edgy. Just wanted to pin it out in case you did not see it

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Hrurik @ Bellum Imperii 1.5.1 (Full Version)

Are you planning on expanding the map as it was in 1.4?
It had a fantastic size and a great feeling of danger when you marched an roman army far into the parthian empire and beyond.

also i have encountered some bugs with lords.

and i think it is based on specific factions.

I have noticed lords who joins the samartae, are changing their names into
'' what will be the name of your kingdom? ''

other factions are much worse. giving the lords the names of over 40 words

the weirdest is when the lord gets changed into ''lady''

I have tried messing around a bit in the files, but i am no master mind when it comes to modding, and i had no success in fixing this name changing issue.

Other than that. I love the mod, and i wish you good day.

I have been playing around with the troops a bit in the files changing the ranks, names and gear etc. to give the abillity of having a more organized roman infantry legion with different cohorts, and commanders for each cohort.
the battles are amazing when you see 6-8 different cohorts ranging from 30-50 soldiers each cohort, and being commanded by their own commander with a plume on his helmet, while you sit back with your Praetorian guard watching the battle field and controlling the battle.

if you are interested in seeing my troop trees. then i will send you a picture

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Hrurik @ Bellum Imperii 1.5.1 (Full Version)

Nice, thanks for the update!

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Hrurik @ Bellum Imperii 1.5 Alpha (Full New Version)

I assume it is a placeholder for something. Perhaps a way for the modder for ''cheating'' his own mod. Idk.

If you notice.
When you begin the game as a Legatus, then you will be a mercenary of the Roman Gaul. (Not a lord) But you will be owning the castrum Colonia Ulpia(Something) and normally in M&B you are not able to own lands if you are just a mercenary. I have no idea if this is something.
But overall i just assume, that you being king of carthago is just a placeholder for something else. It also tells me that i am the king of Carthago. But then after half a day in game time, it will be destroyed

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Hrurik @ Bellum Imperii 1.5 Alpha (Full New Version)

I found out that all lords who change factions will have their names changed.
I noticed that some lords who join's samartae will have their names changed into ''What will be the name of your kingdom?''

while others will have their title changed into ''lady''
so the barbarians will be named things as '' Lady ru '' or '' Lady Rholes '' etc

the worst one i came across, was a lord who had his name changed into

''lord (something) has been invicted for treason by king (?) and has fled to the kingdom of (?) ''

I would fix it myself but i have no idea where to change what titles lords gets when they join a different kingdom.

Also. I have altered the roman troop trees, changing the equipment for each tier and changed the troops names.
So instead it is Roman Citizen it is changed into Romani Tirone, etc.

I have also giving each ''king'' and factions their proper names, in their own languages.
So instead it is called Kingdom of Parthia it is now Sahansahiye Pahlawa which means, ''the Parthian Empire'' in Persian, and then Padishah which means Great/Greatest king in Persian while Shah only means King.

If you are interested in my changes to your mod, tell me and i will upload it to you

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Hrurik @ Bellum Imperii 1.5 Alpha (Full New Version)

I have come across a strage bug.. Some lords who renounce their oath and join another kingdom, gets his name changed into

''What will be the name of your kingdom?''

How do i counteract this bug?

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Hrurik @ Bellum Imperii 1.5 Alpha (Full New Version)

Edit: So i found out that the features i was talking about was part of Bellum Imperii 1.4 update. which i have just spent a couple of hours playing, to see which features were in.. i am really hoping to see the same features back into this mod. as it is really great. I was stunned by the massive map. and the large parthian kingdom. I really really hope that you are going to expand the map again

I have taking the music files from 1.4 and put into 1.5 and that has already done such a nice change to the feeling of the mod.
I advise people to do the same, as it sucks you into the game even more.

But i have still not figured out how to get the praetorians. I hope you will give me feedback about this. Have a good day

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Hrurik @ Bellum Imperii 1.5 Alpha (Full New Version)

So i have a couple of questions.
I have been playing around the mod for a bit, excellent work. And thank you for creating it.

i have gotten some of the features where i can get a chamberlain and a constable. and i am told that they are supposed to be in my court. but no one appears.

Another question i have is.
I have been watching a playthrough on youtube and after a battle is won, the player was able to make different choices. example.
- being greedy and loot the corpses.
- tend the wounded
- leave the loot
- etc.

is that part of this mod as well or is from another mod combined with yours?
Because when i win a battle it just does the old warband thing where i get the loot and prisoners and thats it.

also inside of my cities i am able to train troops in the akademi.
but for me it only shows a 'black box' where i assume i was supposed to put soldiers in, or take from?

Now the most important question. where do i get Praetorian guards from?
Besides cheating to them in the cheat menu or rescueing captured praetorians.
I can see in the troop files there are supposed to be a full troop tree with Praetorians but i can not find them.
- Also i read on a forum that you are supposed to recruit Centurions from legion camp. but when i go there the only diaglouge i get the with the npc's are ''how goes the watch soldier?'' and then it leaves the conversation (Note: there's a unique character named Heras. he's saying the same thing)

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