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Star Trek: Armada 3

Mod review

It's just great why are you even reading this still?! go download it! it changes SOSE:Rebellion into a new game bassically, it's well balanced and utilizes what's best in SOSE to it's advantage, while still being far far away from the vanilla, after playing this mod i actualy sat down and watched some star trek, this mod is just too good


Sins of a Galactic Empire

Mod review

I mean it started up good, i guess in multiplayer it works fine but the game is made of two parts singleplayer and multiplayer and this mod simply ***** up the singleplayer game mode at least for me, completly unfair AI, not needed AI bonuses (like full research at the very begining of the freaking game, ability to use both supercaps while you can use only one, increased incomes) those all factors allow AI to have supercaps while you're still getting your base up. the last update was supposed to fix it, i guess? I seen a point stating that in the update they deacreased the AI buffs and deacresed the AI's dificulty but i have not even seen the diference between 4.1 and 4.0, before i rated it to 7/10 just to not be too harsh but seriously while it's good at multi probably, it sucks on the second part of the game and that's why i'm giving it 5/10

and one thing (mod devs covering the AI with saying that the AI is just dumb and it throws units randomly, that's why we made it unfair) the situation with AI and model size where here all along probably but apparently no one is able or wants to change it even with the god damn add-on instead the only one is to make AI even harder.

yet still if you're not playing this game for single player like i do this mod is awesome go get it now molti 9/10 single 4/10 overall i'm giving it 5/10 because it's still half of the game completly wrong for me.

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