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Doom4: Death Foretold

Mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

DBThanatos never ceases to amaze me. Honestly, at first I thought it is just a doom mod with just doom 4 sprites. But I was wrong, he got it all right. the feel, the movement, the combat, the art, everything is beyond my expectations; well not only mine but also others. Keep up the good work mate, your mod deserves to have a 2017 Cacoward!


LAZARUS MOD - Doom 4 Weapon Emulation Mod

Mod review


Game review

What Candy Crush should have been ~Me


MaxCraft Of DOOM's Brutal Doom

Mod review - 2 agree

The description itself is very bland and less descriptive, making people scared of clicking the download button. I, myself too am afraid to click that download button, fearing that it might be a terry trap or whatsoever. Overall, give this mod an appropriate description so that I will download it and maybe help you in testing the mod and report bugs. :P


Brutal Doom Redemption

Mod review

The Sub-mod a.k.a BDR is one of the mods that is recommended for those who are thirsty for gore and blood. Every detail of it is good. The sounds, textures, particles etc. are A-Okay. BD Redemption is still in progress, meaning is not finished yet. It has some bugs but I believe that the creator of it will put it into perfection and vaporizes it's bugs. The chainsaw is quite unique compared to the original. It slashes like a katana and stabs like a drill. You can feel the impact of every weapon as it terrorizes your enemies. Overall, BDR is one of the best sub-mods in the DOOM Community. I can't wait how grotesque and Edgy as **** will this game be especially when it is complete! RIP & TEAR!!


Brutal Doom

Mod review

I got 3 words for this mod: ITS ******* BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

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