Hello and welcome! This is BOTCH_CARA's page where I post several things and stuffs, bullcrap or not. I am a gamer who plays classic as well as modern games like Doom, Dark Souls, GTA, DOTA and many more. I also like to create stories like the one below. Don't be shy to write down your opinion or reaction to my story. Feel free to comment or ask about me; Oh, and any inappropriate comments that is against me just for insult and trolling will be erased and the writer of the comment will be reported. Seriously, not cool. If you say that my life is full of shit, please, give me a proper reason. Remember, whoever you are, you know only a fragment of me. Fanart pics (if I used one and I didn't know) belong to their respective owners. ENJOY!

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Hey guys! I-uh have bad news. My laptop broke down, and you know what that means... so does the story... Yeah, a reason why I haven't post shites for like a week already. I'm writing this using my phone and writing the story using this will be hard, maybe even impossible. So due to all of this, the story will not be updated until I find a way or bought a new laptop. I apologize for keeping all of you waiting for nothing.

P.S. I am planning to do another story after DA:H, it is quite inspired by Dark Souls, Skyrim, and Diablo. In short, medieval. You will find out soon...

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