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PART 7: Waltz with Beli

Waltz with Beli

“Life has changed since I went into a bar and celebrate my victory against the icon of sin. Kyu went in and talked the sh*t out of me into getting into girls. To be honest, I find it inappropriate because it’s girls! And I can’t talk to girls. However, I am surprised to what is happening to me right now since I met Kyu. It’s like that she granted me the adventure I’ve wished for. Not only that, and because of her, I am now a different person. I rarely talk to strangers since my first day in the UAC but she managed to force me into opening my territories, resetting me anew.

Well, sh*t… I hope that this will help me improve my socialization otherwise I might BFG another grove. But the question is: Even though she is aiding me, is she leading me to the right path? Well, she is a love fairy but I am getting a sudden feeling that things might go… inappropriate as I progress further. Nah, I am willing to find out what might happen next, either it is good or bad. But whatever it will be, it’s lowering my sense of bravery. Today me and Beli are going to the mall and do some feasting for a while. She is a nice girl, not gonna lie there. I wonder how this “date” will turn out. End of log.”

“You seem to be busy with your phone, DOOMGUY?” Beli asked as she gently chews her food. DOOMGUY noticed and immediately hid his phone, “I’m just blogging. Have you ever tried it?”

“No, I prefer writing my stories and entries in my diary.” She replied. “Writing your entries in the technology can be revealed with just a hack.”

“Let them or they will- erm, I will hack back.” DOOMGUY jested. Beli finished her food but it didn’t sate her hunger. She stared at DOOMGUY’s unfinished pizza which he noticed, “You can have my pizza if you want.” DOOMGUY said. Beli looked away, “Oh no, thanks.” She refused.

“Oh don’t feign, Beli. I know you want it.” DOOMGUY smiled.

“No, it’s just that I hate junk food. It’s full of calories.”


“It ruins my diet…”

DOOMGUY rolled his eyes. He gently pushed the plate that has the pizza near to her, “Don’t worry. I won’t be mad if it makes you fat. After all, I seek girls by personality.” The marine stated.

“You do?” Beli blushed. “I’m surprised; you’re not one of those… guys.”

“People these days, in the end of the day, all we care about are looks. No one falls in love with their personality at first sight.” DOOMGUY said. Beli nodded as she grabbed her fork and knife and sliced a part of the pizza, “Well, I can just get a slice of it. I really like you, DOOMGUY. You are wise and spoke the truth, well… a painful truth. You know what they say, Love is blind.” Beli stated.

While the spiritual girl is eating the pizza, DOOMGUY let out his phone again and saw three messages from Kyanna and Tiffany. DOOMGUY looked on each messages one-by-one and read first the message of Kyanna.

“40!!! I finally got 40 push-ups in one set! Omg I was sweating like a pig after that workout, lol! Next time, I’m going for 50!! And then up until I reach your so called “666 push-ups”.” She texted. She also attached a picture of herself doing so.

Work hard, play hard

DOOMGUY nodded, “Good luck, mate.” He whisphered. The next message is from Tiffany. “Omg! My bestie took this pic in class when I wasn’t looking. Uh-oh, panty shot! >.<; so embarrassing…” She messaged; again she posted a pic of herself.

Tiffany studying cg photo by hun

“Man, I sometimes don’t get girls. If it is really that embarrassing then why the Hell send me this pic? Are they so sociable with me that they want to show their “panty shot” to me? If so, then wow; I’m the luckiest man on earth, erm, marine.” He silently stated his opinion. He hid his phone and looked at Beli, “Did that satisfy you?” he asked. Beli giggled, “Oh, it did.” She replied. DOOMGUY’s visor’s screen flickered blue again, “I’ve heard that there is a ice skating rink somewhere here in the mall. You want to check it out?” the DoomSlayer asked.

Beli agreed and they immediately stood up. As they head to their point of interest, Beli gently grasped the marine’s left arm, “I feel secured when you’re beside me…” she said meekly. DOOMGUY reciprocated. Beli blushed and giggled softly, “I’m so happy to be with you…” she happily stated. They have reached the ice skating rink, “I’m not quite good at this.” Beli admitted. DOOMGUY slightly smiled, “Don’t worry, I will support you. Just imagine that I am a green sturdy pillar for you to hold onto.” He said with a soft laugh. They went in the rink, Beli slightly lost her balance but she would have fell if not for DOOMGUY supporting her by holding her hand.

“Tell me, how did you learn how to ice skate?” Beli asked.

“I’ve learned to when I was a young rascal.” DOOMGUY laughed. “I remember my father saying that I skate worse than Hitler.”

Beli also laughed, “Well, at least you did not fell nein times” she laughingly said.

DOOMGUY was about to let out his HunieBee but he thought to himself that he can’t just finish the date with just a swipe. “Beli is a nice girl and I want to make her happy in a manly way.” DOOMGUY said. However, he had doubts that he might not succeed without the help of the HunieBee but he cared less. He grabbed both of her hands, “Come, let me teach you.” He said.

Beli blushed and smiled, “Sure! Just don’t let go of me.” She told him. And so DOOMGUY taught her how to skate. Beli was getting a hang of it but she suddenly lost her balance. Seeing her in trouble, DOOMGUY embraced her to avoid injuries. With a bit of effort, he managed to regain her balance. Beli blushed, “Oh, my. That’s so embarrassing!” she said. She quickly let go and again lost her balance. DOOMGUY again embraced her, “You’ll lose balance if you let go of me. “ DOOMGUY said meekly. He regained her balance; DOOMGUY wrapped his hands around her waist, “I can’t just do all the hugging you know?” he charmingly told her.

She blushed again and placed her hands onto the marine’s chest plate. Still blushing, she slowly wrapped her arms around the marine’s neck. Orange filter surrounds them as the bright light twinkled. Beli smiled and placed her head on DOOMGUY’s chin part, “See, it wasn’t that bad” DOOMGUY said. Their embraced tightens. (Insert some romantic song/music here)

After an hour, they left the mall and strolled at the park. They sat on a bench beneath a Sakura tree with their hands held to each other. “I hope to see you again, DOOMGUY.” Beli said.

“I will, Beli.” DOOMGUY told her.

“Pinky promise?” she asked, showing her pinky.

“Pinky promise…” DOOMGUY reciprocated and their pinkies grasped to each other.

That's the end of part 7. Another delay 'cuz power went out last night. Part 8 will be out soon. DOOMGUY improved a lot but does it lead him to the right path? BOTCH_CARA out.

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