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Nothing new here... I guess.. Wait I can't post blog 'cuz 200 character is required for a legit blog.

Anyways, I am busy playing WADs and PK3s created by our talented Doom modders. So since I am downloading a new WAD today which is Zionv8, maybe I can do some random, non-sensible ramblings. So where to start...

1. Doom 2016, what is happening?

Well, it has been months since we ripped and tore demons "modernizingly" (yeah, not a legit word but whatever), there hasn't been updates about the game, only awards like being the best FPS (gameinformer and others, except IGN.... screw Overwatch), and some fanart admiration. That is a good thing, nothing bad or something, but the thing is that there has been no recent updates about gameplay. I am not asking for a sequel because creating that needs effort and time, and I believe that they are making one (hinted by Mick Gordon in a Noclip interview). The thing that I am looking for is.... some features in the SnapMap. Yeah, I know, I know, SnapMap is shit that it has been forgotten by some. But c'mon, you know what I mean; tweak the feature like adding some more props and game logics. Add something that will please gamers like PC "elitists" like no memory limit PC exclusive and Mod support. Just something like that and you'll earn more respects.

2. For Honor or Fuck Honor?
As a medieval fan, I admire medieval games like Skyrim, Dark Souls, and Dragon Age. I haven't played For Honor but I will base the game by the videos and commentaries of some people who played it, so brace for biased opinions. So anyways..... What the hell happened to this game? Not that it really sucks but how it was played by gamers. I find it hilarious but at the same time disappointing. How ironic, it was named "For Honor" but the players show no honor. YEAH I AM TALKING ABOUT THE DARK SOULS PLAYERS! *ahem* yeah, I experienced playing Dark Souls but the "tactics" was implemented in the game itself. Like, uhh, rolling over scrubs and shoving them off to environmental dangers such as cliffs, fires, and spikes, yeah spikes. I am not saying that I despise DS players but come on, give them scrubs some fun. No wonder why the majority hated this game. and please, for the love of God, stop using the fat samurai, NERF THAT FUCKER (lol)

Speaking of which, aside from Dank players, the servers are also a reason why many hated this game. Yep, many said about experiencing P2P, NAT and kick-out issues. I am not sure what are those acronyms mean but whatever it is, its problems fuck up the immersion of the gameplay, multiplayer to be exact. Read their facebook page that they finally eradicated the NAT issues, but P2P and random kick-outs is now the next problem. I hope that this game will return to its roots.

Okay, my download is complete, time to RIP AND TEAR! Maybe I can do another rambling? Maybe next time, thanks for lending your time to those who made this far (though this blog is too short). See yah, and don't stop ripping and tearing!!

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