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PART 8: The "Great" Communicator

Out of the night that covers the village. Of bells ringing above the door; a man with a green suit enters a building which he is familiar with. “Ahh, back to ye olde bar.” DOOMGUY said as he deeply inhaled the aroma. He sat in front of the counter patiently waiting for a bartender. The place is filled with orange and yellow ambience. Cold air coming from an air conditioner breezes around the bar.

“Well, I guess I need a break for a while.” He removed his visor and placed it on top of the counter. He brought out his HunieBee and saw a tiny red light blinking on its antenna. He tapped the light many times but alas nothing happened. He looked around to see somewhat a familiar face talking to someone. It was the seductive girl talking to another girl, probably his next target after he is done.

“It is the person that you seek.” VEGA told the marine. He nodded and ordered the AI to record what is happening with the use of the visor. He ordered a few drinks for him to relax with as VEGA does his bidding.

“Hey Lola, awww you bitch, you didn’t tell me you were back in town!” The seductive girl said.

“Hey lover! Just got in a couple days ago. Missed you!”

“Excuses! You know you’re supposed to check in with me as soon as you hit the ground. Don’t let that stewardess job get you!”

The girl laughed. “Of course! What was I thinking? I’m sorry honey, won’t happen again.”

“That’s more like it!”

“How’ve you been my darling? Staying out of trouble?”

“Well, I try but trouble has a hard time staying out of me.”

The girl again laughed. “Sooo, I take it work is good?” she asked.

“Never better.” She replied. “But enough about me. What’s goin’ on girl? Any new mischief to share?”

“Ugh, where do I start?” she rolled her eyes. “Quake-“

“Hold that thought. Have a seat. I’m gonna go grab your drink. I want to hear all about it.”

“ahhh, I’d love to…”

“But…?” she let out a pale look.

“…Yeah, I’ve got an early day tomorrow. I just stopped in for a second.”

“Ahhh, coooome ooon. You’re not going to make me sit here and drink all by myself are you?”

DOOMGUY twitched for what he heard. From a distance, he looked at them.

“Uhm, can I have a cocktail?” DOOMGUY asked the bartender. “And give it to that girl…” He pointed.

“Raincheck.” The girl said. “I’ll call you later this week; girls night out, all the way.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Get outta here already.”

“Love you babe.” She kissed her at the cheek and left the bar.

DOOMGUY wore his visor. “Well, its show time!” he said. However, he was interrupted by VEGA. “Unknown power detected.” The AI told him. Alerted, DOOMGUY clenched his fist, almost breaking the goblet. He suddenly felt a soft grasp; he looked behind and saw Kyu. “I almost thought you are the demons.” He softens, placing his goblet on top of the counter. “So what’s the advice on that girl?”

Kyu examined closely. “Hmmm… Ohhh, Milf alert!” she said. “Looks like a total cougar too. I don’t think you realize the gravity of the situation here.”

“And why is that?” the marine asked.

“This is what seperates the men from the boys.” She replied. “You’ve got to be aggressive, just like what you do. That nice guy shit isn’t gonna cut it.”

She disappeared, leaving DOOMGUY thinking of something, “What aggressive?” DOOMGUY shrugged and approached the seductive girl. “Hey, VEGA. What do I do?!” he whispered to the AI.

“I suggest of reciprocating the personality of the girl. Be seductive.” VEGA advised.

“Define seductive?”

“In your words Mr. Kane, being horny.”

“Alright, I think I- WHAT THE HELL?!”

“You have to take the risk, sir.”

DOOMGUY sighed. “I hope this will work, or else I will donate you to JTC3 University!” He said. He continued approaching the girl. “Uhh, Hey beautiful! That is uh- a supremely nice set of tits. 11/10 would play!” the doubtful marine complimented.

“Aren’t they? What can I say? I’m blessed.” The girl said. DOOMGUY was surprised of her response. “I don’t believe I’ve had a pleasure of meeting you. The cute ones are always hiding.” She continued.

“Well, one of the cute ones is talking to you right now.” DOOMGUY said as he looked at his fingernails, though it is covered by green metal.

”It must be you luck day.” The girl seductively said. “Hun, do me a favor and help me out with my empty glass? Pretty please?

The DoomSlayer made a devilish green as he grabbed a bottle of wine and poured it on the girl’s glass. Luckily, the girl is not terrified if not for the visor to conceal his face.

So that is it for Part 8. If you read the story completely, you'll notice that VEGA called the marine "Mr. Kane". Hmm, what's goin' on? What is DOOMGUY hiding? The other one is Quake, well we all know the upcoming Quake game called Quake Champions. Judging by the name and the short teaser itself, chances that the game will look like Overwatch, but I ain't complaining. Good or bad, I'm still playing it. Who knows? DOOM got overly criticized after E3 and when the final game has been released, it kicked ass! Maybe Quake will be on the same path, WHO KNOWS?! BOTCH_CARA out!

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