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I did some sound editing yesterday. So I was wondering: What will I make? So I skim for some music and maybe do some remixes just for fun and improve my editing skills. So the first thing that came into my mind was Doom 2016 so I searched for some soundtracks. I noticed that I can't find the E1M1 soundtrack used in the first E3 trailer released in June 2015. I searched for the soundtrack but most of them are covers and the techno versions used in the Alpha. There are some but short like the title drop soundtrack of the full game. So I asked myself: What if you can make the E1M1 riff? I have some doubts but it's worth a try. So I opened some vids that has some parts of E1M1 (like the wood sculpting of the revenant vid.) and converted it into mp3. Then I open some sound editors where you can trim, merge other mp3 files and amplify for quality. It took me around 1 hour to finish it. It is not much but hey, it's my second time doing sound editing (first is some remixes for our family party). I'll post the vid here to let me hear/see your opinions about it.


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