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"Hah! A successful date, and what a day!" DOOMGUY happily said as he went home. The orange faint sun shined at his armor, giving it an orange glow. He passed through the park and saw some kids playing with each other and teenagers and adults having the same date that DOOMGUY did with Audrey. He passed through a narrow bridge and saw fishes swimming in the lake underneath the bridge where he treaded upon. He saw the reflection of himself filtered with orange light, he looked above the sky and took a deep breath. Suddenly, he felt a vibration from one of his pouches. He patted one of his pouches and found his phone vibrating. He scrutinized the device and saw an small envelope icon blinking in the upper right of the screen. He tapped the icon and saw a text message; it came from Audrey. "What do we have here?" He opened the message and saw her text: "I got so much free sh*t from this loser that's tryin' to get it in and then I sent him home alone! What a pussy whipped b*tch!" she texted. She also attached a picture of herself in the message.

photo audrey 1 1

"Ooookaaaay....?" DOOMGUY said, leaning his head away from the phone. He head home before the sky turned black as a skillet. The dancing of the sounds surrounds the house as DOOMGUY prepares his favorite food, the "BFT (Big f*ckin' Turkey)". It was perpetual golden brown when removed from the oven. The aroma of the turkey is like the scent of victory for the marine. He set the table, kindled the candle and poured his goblet with luxuriant wine. He sat on his throne as the glitters of light of the chandelier shined bright like a diamond. He ripped a leg from the turkey, he looked at it in a devilish grin. "Here comes the night train!" he shouted. He was about to devour it brutally until he heard a familiar voice, "Nice setting you got here! Were you expecting me?" It came from behind. The Scourge of Hell looked behind and found Kyu massaging his shoulders.

"I never expect you here, but besides; it is rare to eat with a fairy. Here have a seat!" DOOMGUY stood up and pulled a chair for her, "Awww... Trying to be a gentleman now? Thank you!" Kyu said, "You have improved. I hope it last forever." DOOMGUY sliced another leg for her, "It was nothing, I'm just expressing my gratitude to the one I owe." he said. Kyu faintly smiled and blushed, "What? No need! Jeez, I'm just trying to help you!" she looked away for a while.

DOOMGUY laughed, "But hey, thank you for helping me open more of my territories, it means a lot." The two smiled at each other, "Thank me in the end, you still have a long way to go." Kyu said, "The previous date is long and it consumed a lot of time. You need to preserve your time and try to finish the date fast so that you can catch up. The best way to have an early bird is to wake up early tomorrow." she took a few big bites from the leg, leaving nothing but bones. "Until next time, soldier." She drank the wine before disappearing.

DOOMGUY can't believe what happened, "So much for fairies.." He mumbled. He cleaned the dining area and went to his bedroom. He removed the Praetor Suit and took a cold shower. The splashes of the waves are heard as DOOMGUY in pajamas fell onto his bed like a tree being chopped down. The blue moonlight illuminated the room where the DoomSlayer slumbers, disturbing him from his sleep. "OH FOR THE LOVE OF THE DARK KNIGHT GARETH!" He viciously moved the curtains, leaving nothing but faint light. "MUCH BETTER!" he continued his slumber. Nothing but the sound of the air condition is heard. It's cold wind swirled around the sleeping marine, shaking him away from his sleep. He was about to burst out rage if not for Kyu.

"Sweet dreams, bud." she whispered as she covered him with a blanket. Helios pulled the sun out with his chariot as it blazed morning light above the silent town. However, it failed to wake up the fellow marine for he is in a deep slumber. The alarm clock that is set to 6am rang as loud as it can only for it to be knocked out of the desk by a thrown chainsaw. The only thing that woke the marine is his Praetor Suit poking his nose. He was shocked to see that the suit is moving by itself. "Please tell me that this is still a dream.." DOOMGUY said in fear. The suit removed its visor to reveal that it was Kyu who was wearing the suit.

"TEN-HUT! On your feet soldier!" Kyu said. DOOMGUY did what was ordered. He lazily stood up from his bed, swaying left to right. Kyu was annoyed, "I said...WAKE UP!" she shouted as she grabbed his shirt and shook him enough to wake him up. "Okay, okay! I'm awake, I'M AWAKE!" DOOMGUY shouted, pushing her back. "Good! We have work to do! Eat breakfast and let's do this sh*t!" Kyu happily said.

"Yes, but I need my suit back, milady!" DOOMGUY said. "Wait, I need to..........I'm stuck.." Kyu admitted. DOOMGUY placed his left palm onto his face. Afterwards, DOOMGUY with his Praetor Suit on, rushed at the dining area where he grabbed a bread and brewed his coffee. He finished eating his breakfast and went to towards the exit. "Wait, before you go. Use the HunieBee to give her gifts that she likes. We'll make a deal, everytime you give her what she LOVES, I'll give you magical gifts for you're...erm, adventure. I'm such a nice person, er- fairy." Kyu said. She kissed his visor before disappearing again. DOOMGUY looked around and slowly walked away from his home. A loud "AAAARRRRGHHHHH! THAT'S WHY I HATE FAIRIES!" is heard behind the door. DOOMGUY brought out his HunieBee and indicated that his target is located at a nearby Gym. "Well, looks like we have some "body building" to do" DOOMGUY said. He ran like Hell and reached his destination. He entered the Gym and saw a lot of treadmills, barbells and other exercising machines and items lying around the place. He looked for his target and saw her talking to another chip. The HunieBee's screen started to blink for it is collecting the data of the other chick.

"Yo! I didn't expect to see you here today Tiffany." The girl in blue said, drenched in sweat.

"Yeah! My English lit class was cancelled; tryin' to make good use of the time." The girl in uniform or Tiffany as the other girl called her.

"Hey, listen. Thanks sooooo much for watching Mark the other day. I know it was last minute."

"Noooo, don't even mention it. I love to hang out with Marky. He's my little buddy."

DOOMGUY was just standing there, lifting a 100kg barbell with his left hand, appeasing himself as he eavesdropped.

"Did he give you any trouble?" The girl in blue asked.

"Nope, like an angel! He was just playing around, imagining himself as a "Sergeant". But that's normal to 4 year olds, right?" (HMM,HAHA!)

"An angel? Are you sure you were watching the right kid?" The two laughed.

"I still owe you too." The girl in blue said, "So don't worry, I should be getting my paycheck tomorrow."

"Shhhh! I won't hear of it. I was more than happy to help you out."

"Nonsense! I'm not taking no for an answer."

"Too late!" Tiffany laughed, "Have a good workout!" she walked away from the scene.

"Hey! Get back here! This isn't over!"

DOOMGUY dropped the barbell as he rotated his left shoulder. "Well, you've wasted your opportunity. If I were her, I could have waited for the paycheck so that I can buy my lunch or school supplies with that." DOOMGUY said.

"Man, will you get a load of these two..." Kyu appeared beside the marine, "I'd kill to have tits like that!"

"You jelly because yours' is as flat as a wall." DOOMGUY said with a smile and a burning background.

"Oh you'll just wait and see.." she said face-to-face with the marine. "Anyways, this chick is clearly out of your league. But there may be hope. She's probably looking for a decent guy because of that baby mama drama. So try not to be an ass for like, five minutes...?" she again disappeared. DOOMGUY cracked his knuckles as the girl approached the marine, "Hey, are you finished with that machine?" she asked, "I have one set left to jam out."

"Okay, you look like you need it more than I do." DOOMGUY sarcastically said.

"Hey what's that supposed to mean?" she asked.

"Nothing, nothing... Oh and am I outdated? I didn't know that fashion still matters for girls in workout too 'cuz I don't know too many girls who work out with earrings on."

"What? Oh sh*t! Totally forgot about these. Thanks!" She laughed, "You must be new here. I don't think we've met before, right? I like to think I know all the regulars here on a first name basis. You can say I'm a little obsessed with this place." she laughed softly, "My name's Kyanna. Will I be seeing you here more often?" she asked.

"It's GUY, DOOMGUY. Well, I, too am starting to be a little obsessed with this place. But hey, I am looking forward to it, that is.. If I can pull myself off the couch long enough." They laughed.

"I know what you mean. I have those days too, sometimes." she said. DOOMGUY nodded, "Yeah, laziness is a bitch, ain't it?"

"Oh, dude, you know what? You have to try one of the yoga classes they did here. The yoga instructor is awesome. I think you'd dig it. If you like being in a room with a bunch of sweaty girls, that is." she giggled.

"I'll pass (Hell no dude! Why waste the opportunity?!?!), but hey, let's work out. Let's do a challenge: We will race using the treadmills, the longest distance wins. You in?" DOOMGUY dared.

"Hah! You won't stand a chance! Maybe I might even slow down for you." She trash talked.

"Don't get your hopes up, sweatypants! You know that I am the fastest runner man has." DOOMGUY arrogantly said.

"You keep telling yourself that, green man! Race you to the treadmill" she ran towards the machine, leaving DOOMGUY behind, "Some potential you have, milady." DOOMGUY said as he caught up with her.


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