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Targets of DOOMGUY for 1 day. Can he date them all in one day?

"Now that’s a workout!" Kyanna said, drenched in sweat. She was lying on a bench, drinking a Japanese energy drink, from a distance is DOOMGUY still using the treadmill, "C'mon, mate! I'm just warming up!" the marine said. He dismounted the treadmill and sat beside her. If one looked at the total distance DOOMGUY traveled, he reached a total distance of 666 kilometers. "Who's slowing down now?" DOOMGUY said with arrogance. He removed his visor and took a deep breath after a vigorous exercise.

"You're pretty good! How did you have such endurance?" she asked. DOOMGUY stopped and wore his visor, "So, you want to know how I got this gift?" DOOMGUY reciprocated but with a dark tone, "Very well then. Back in the UAC, we marines did some excessive training to become one with the strongest men."

"What kind of excessive training, like military training?" Kyanna asked.

"Perhaps but more excessive than that, you see, life in Mars is different compare to Earth; it has a harsh environment that gave us more challenge in our training. But Hell like you care; very well then, here are my objectives: I did 666 push-ups, 666 sit-ups, 666 pull-ups and 666 squats and 666km dash for two years straight.

"Ooookaaay...?" a weird- out Kyanna said. DOOMGUY fell from the bench, "What? Seriously, I did it! I've proven it a while ago, I wooped the hell outta you a while ago.”

“Yeah, you did and I was surprised. You know what? You’re a nice guy after all. You’re no stranger. I wish we could hang out sometimes.” DOOMGUY stood up from the floor, “Well, why not now? Why waste such opportunity?” He lends a hand for her to pull herself up. “Sure, why not? I’m done here anyway. Can you wait for me? I’m going to the shower room.”

“Sure! Looks like you needed it more than I do.” DOOMGUY laughed.

“Whatever! But next time, YOU will be the one that will go to the shower room.” She went into the shower room while DOOMGUY waited. He suddenly remembered Audrey, “Ah sh*t! I hope she doesn’t know about this, she would be mad as Hell.” DOOMGUY thought to himself. After a while, Kyanna with her casual outfit approached DOOMGUY gracefully and cheerfully, “I’m done! Are you ready?” she asked.

“I’m always ready. I know a place where we will hang out. I know you’ll like it.” DOOMGUY grabbed her hand and went outside. They head to their destination DOOMGUY mentioned. It was a flower garden, its colorful flowers bloom before them as the couple passed by.

“Wow, look at this place! It’s so pretty!” Kyanna said, sniffing a flower she plucked. DOOMGUY plucked a flower too and approached her. “I’ve never seen such a place. Are you not satisfied by its beauty?” she asked.

“I can see it, but I am more mesmerized to the one that stands before it.” He placed the flower on top of her left ear. She blushed, “What? No, no. I don’t think I’m pretty. I remember back in high school, they always laugh every time they see me!” she laughed, “Of course, I look ugly, I have pimples on my face because of eating burgers, pizzas and other junk foods. I regretted it ever since.”

“Well, the jokes on them.” DOOMGUY said, “So everything went quiet in College because of your well-developed beauty.”

“You’re so sweet! Well, everything went quiet because… I dropped out of high school...” she went quiet but the DoomSlayer can feel the sorrowful expression inside of her. He held her hand and they slowly went into a dome of flowers. “I’ll make this worth your while.” DOOMGUY said. He let out his HunieBee, “Care for a selfie?” He asked.

“Well, sure! I would love to!” She posed for the selfie, not knowing that DOOMGUY triggered the date grid. Everything stopped except for the marine. He examined the grid closely, thinking what he would first match before doing so. After a while, he filled one-fourth of the Affection meter but wasted 8 moves, leaving him 12 moves. “Ah, sh*t! I can’t lose now. She has a tragic past and I don’t want to screw this up!” He looked for tokens to match and saw some Sentiment Tokens, “Wait, the gift!” He matched 2 3 pairs of Sentiment Tokens and used the magical gift Kyu gave to him. The Broken Heart Tokens are replaced with Passion tokens, matching the same Tokens next to it. He leveled up her Passion level to level 6; he saw a 4 pair of Talent Tokens and grabbed the opportunity. He filled half of the Affection meter.

“She likes the bluey things!” DOOMGUY realized, he matched Talent Tokens as many as he can and successfully filled the Affection meter with only 3 moves remaining. “I’M THE MAN! I’M SUPERMAN!” he shouted with an air guitar gesture. Time slowly went back to normal as DOOMGUY returned to Kyanna. “Say cheese!” DOOMGUY said.

They went back to the gym, holding hands together. They looked at each other with a smile, making Kyanna blush again. “I’m so glad to be with you. I hope to see you around.” Kyanna said with a smile and her eyes closed.

“Do not worry, dear. I will. For now, I’m out of time; I got an errand to run. Oh and here’s my number, just text or call me when you are free. We could spend some time with each other.” DOOMGUY smiled. He bid farewell to her and pursued his next target. The HunieBee indicated that his target is located at a nearby university. He ran as quickly as he can to reach his destination before afternoon.

“I have to warn you that people with a suspicious appearance will be prohibited in the university’s premises.” VEGA said, “I can install a blend-in module into your suit but it will take some time.”

“You have been very helpful since we’ve met, VEGA. I am beholden to you.” DOOMGUY expressed his gratitude to the A.I, “Do what you can.”

DOOMGUY finally reached his destination. Its towering gates stood before him, “Now what?” the marine asked to himself.

“Module installed, blend-in mode activated.” VEGA said. The Praetor suit changed its color into white, matching the color template of a school uniform. The CCTV camera detected the marine’s presence and verified him as a student, thus opening the gates. DOOMGUY went in and searched for his target. He found his target talking to her teacher.

“Oh, Ms. Yumi! I’m so glad I ran into you. Have you had a chance to grade our exams yet?” his target or Tiffany asked. The teacher let out a confused expression, “Uhhhh, remind me what that was on again.”

“You know, the conservation of whatever-you-call-it.”

“Ohh, yeah, yeah. I think those are on my desk… somewhere.”

“Ohhhhh, okay. Do you know when you might able to get them back to us?”

“Later. Next week, probably. I’m sure you did fine Tiffany.”

“You think? I hope so. I don’t know, I was having trouble with some of the material. Do you know what we’re going over next week? I’d like to try to get a head start this time.”

“Next week? I don’t know yet…”

“Man, can you get a load of that teacher…” DOOMGUY said. He saw a store from a distance; he suddenly remembered Kyu’s advice about giving gifts. He quickly went at the store to buy something that he finds promising. He saw a fish inside a plastic bag filled with water, “Hmmm… Girls’ first thing that they like are pets.” He thought to himself. He shrugged and bought the fish. He hurriedly returned to his place where he is eavesdropping.

“Actually, I have a pounding headache right now. Can we do this later?” The teacher said.

“Yeah, okay. Sorry to bother you Ms. Yumi.”

“No. It’s fine. I’ll talk to you later.” She walked away. DOOMGUY’s line of sight is suddenly concealed with something or someone. “Whoa, is this chick serious?” It was Kyu, covering DOOMGUY’s point of view with her hands. He gently removed her hands away from the visor. “That school girl uniform is a little on the nose, don’t cha think? She’s cute though. Blonde too, do ah… bonus points! This is your classic girl next door situation. She’s nice, so don’t say anything to scare her off. But don’t be afraid to take a chance! You’re lucky that she isn’t freaked out with you and your suit. So act natural, okay?” she disappeared.

DOOMGUY cracked his knuckles and approached Tiffany, “Hey, don’t take this the wrong way, but I just thought you were cute and had to say hi.” He complimented.

“Who? Me?” she blushed, “Ohhh, no! I’m so not cute… but thanks for the compliment. I haven’t seen you around before. Are you starting this semester?” she asked.

“I teach here. Professor Handsome they call me.”

“Come on, give me a break. Stop teasing me!” they both laughed.

“Nah, I’m just wandering here until I bumped into you. Uhhh, am I holding you up from getting to class?”

“No! Don’t worry about it. I’m all done with classes for now. My name is Tiffany by the way. It’s nice to meet you.” She said, “You seem to be a cool guy. Hopefully I’ll see you around the campus.”

“Oh and hey, I have a question…” Tiffany added, “If you had to pick one, what do you think your biggest weakness is?”

DOOMGUY had hard time thinking about an answer, “I’ve never heard of such a thing.” He replied only for Tiffany to disapproved, “You jerk!” she said with a slight smile. DOOMGUY knew that he would screw up but he must push forward, “Yeah, I understand, I am a Doom mar- “ he cut his dialogue and start anew, “My turn to ask: Well, it’s kinda rude so forgive me but I haven’t asked your last name yet.”DOOMGUY said nervously.

“It’s cool. My last name is Maye, Tiffany Maye.” She replied with a smile.

“Tiffany, it’s a pleasure meeting you. My name is GUY, DOOMGUY.”

“Is that actually your name or you just made that up?”

“No, I’m serious. That’s what they call me.” DOOMGUY replied, “Sooo… any plans for today?”

Now that you’ve mentioned it, I don’t know. Maybe I might just stay home or stay for a while and talk to you.” She giggled. They heard a loud churn that came from a stomach, “Looks like someone’s hungry.” DOOMGUY said.

“Yeah, I’m hungry! I skipped breakfast because I was almost late for class.”

DOOMGUY’s visor flickered blue light, “I know a place where we could eat. You want to come?” he asked.

“I would love to! If it’s your call, that is.” She giggled. DOOMGUY shrugged and lends his hand for her to grab onto. They went to a nearby restaurant, “This is a nice place.” Tiffany said, “Wait, let me order first…. I’ll have lasagna and a-“

DOOMGUY let out his HunieBee, “maybe I’ll need to write it down in case if there’s too many.” He said. Tiffany laughed, “Oh, stop teasing me! Hmph, fine! I’ll have-“

The Scourge of Hell triggered the date grid, stopping the time during the process. The game got harder for he’s objective is to reach an Affection of 500 in order for his date to be successful. The marine clenched his fist, “Bring it on, mother*cker!” He barely made it out alive but successfully finished the game with only one move left. Everything went back to normal. The marine removed his visor to reveal his sweat dripping from his brown hair. Tiffany saw him drenched in sweat, “Are you alright?” she asked in a worried expression. “No, no, no! I’m alright! It’s just the suit; it’s giving me a hot spot.” He laughed it off.

Later, the waiter served their food. They enjoyed the rest of their date; DOOMGUY grabbed her fork and stabbed it at a piece of lasagna, putting it on her mouth. Tiffany blushed, she closed her eyes as she chewed her food. Because of that “Sweetness” (YEAH I’M F*CKING JEALOUS!) Tiffany can’t help but look at him. His loyal personality fits her well, making her comfortable with him by her side.

They later went back to the university. They stood by the gate and looked at each other one more time, “I hope to see more of you…” Tiffany said meekly. They smiled at each other before they bid farewell to each other.

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