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Hunt Down The Freeman

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I have this complete review on the proper Steam page of HDF. So this is a really short summary.

Overall What I think is great about HDF is that the developers faced the challenge of tell the story as they planed with all the ups and downs invoved on it.

I loved we can actually fight and be part of the 7hr war. I think this is the only mod in which you play inside the 7hr war.

I loved that the mod is developed into the HL2 universe.

Cutscenes were geatly done despite some variable quality in the dubbing recordings. I don't see the whole drama about some mods of hl releasing cutscenes.

The technical part some times were a mess and buggy, so they have to correct that, please check the part of new alaska which is so unfairly donein the gameplay and full of bugs.

Overall despite the controversial about HDF, I enjoyed it, so if you try everything related to HL2 universe then you must try this one.


Paranoia 2: Savior

Game review may contain spoilers

Well. Overall I enjoyed the mod. although it's quite hard if you play it with outdated hardware (2010 pc's have rough time loading the graphs and stutter as hell), my pc is from 2016 and I also have some stutter issues specially loading the maps.

I really don't know why this TC is not available vie the steam green light program, I hope they launch it there on Steam as its a quite fun enjoyable mod.

The whole graphic style was really nice, and I could say the modified gold source engine, in this game is at the level of the Cry of Fear graphics, which is the main Hl1 horror mod. The custom weapons were a delight to combat with, and the enemies were perfectly manageable, but challenging enough.

I like the work on the story, though I never expected the end came so soon immediately you reach the surface. I felt I want to know more about the story because i felt it so cut off!! So I hope developers are plan to work in paranoia 3, because the whole feeling is that I have more questions than answers into the story plot. So yeah be able to play one day in near future "Paranoia 3 apocalypse" would simply be great.

In the horror sense I think the game has a great eerie, and scary environment. And the whole feeling of those infected-hell laboratories were present all the time. The monster models are impressive, though i miss some monsters from Paranoia 1, and maybe had some surface battle.

I also liked how the bots work perfectly well and they don't break down. I felt the "boss" battle really cool, but quite easy and bland. As you can win it almost immediately by pressing a button.

The battle firefights against the zombie soldiers were really lovely, and pretty challenging at some points too, that makes you think strategically almost all of the time when you have to battle your way out from the KROT complex. This kind of machine gun enemy reminded me to the infected zombie soldier we fight in the Heart of Evil, which is also my favorite HL1 mod of all times, so it was a sweet taste to remember that in here.

Overall I am pleased with the mod, as has a perfect medium game play length, I guess I completed it all in less than 3 hours. The game fulfill its scary goals by being really scary at times and having some great fights.

I only hope the developers work on the well deserved sequel.


Silent Hill: Alchemilla

Mod review may contain spoilers

Well I have -like almost anyone who has played this mode seriously- mixed feelings about the Alchemilla experience.

But don’t get me wrong. Overall I think it was a good enjoyable experience.

So telling the good aspects of it first, I can definitely say I loved the whole mapping in this mod. Maps were neat, very well done and the whole atmospheric psychological horror is there, if we can put this into one equation then it would be: map scary environment (50%) + map soundtrack adaptation (25%) + in game scary clues (12.5%) + puzzle developing (12.5%) = 100% psychological horror.

You know, is curious how many people say they miss the FPS element on this mod, myself I also thought for a bit that this scary mod was like a classic “point and click” game. But after I get more and more into it, I also consider that was a bit unfair.

I loved how this mod fits nicely into the Silent Hill Universe, and despite you don’t find any monster trying to kill you, nor you don’t use any shotgun to blow any monsters head off, the whole story was deep and scary enough to make you think -the whole story of the protagonist is really sad and makes you think that town is just a living hell from another dimension- . I even want to see the Silent Hill movies to get deeper into that eerie universe.

Overall I think is quite unfair to say this was a bad mod just because you don’t shoot anything in there. So be warn if you like to get into it, you have to be willing to explore a lot and to be open mind about it.

I guess another thing I liked about the mod was its whole “old school” aura around it. You know, fetching things, retrieving keys open doors, you know, all that stuff which is enough entertaining to play a bit hours, and then engage with it the next day. You can really enjoy better the mod if you play it by parts and not in one very big exhausting non stop game time.

Now about the bad things. I think the main shortcoming of the mod is its natural limitation in some game assets. like HUD and not be able to have any inventory at all. Sometimes that makes the game-play very confusing, by not knowing what to do, or which main task you have to fulfill. In a personal view I highly recommend you to play it along with some walk trough: here´s the one I use it and I liked it because it was perfectly done and it was very handy; , Also the gamer can´t crouch nor jump and that sometimes is quite obnoxious because you have this natural HL2 gamer instinct of exploring using the full exploring assets of the main character.

The voice act was really nicely done too, but sometimes I also found some bugs. So I recommend you to install it via Gauge, as you can access the console from there if you have some bug. I had 2 bugs, one in the “living lungs” section where I supposed to pass out I died more than 5 times, luckily I managed to solve this once I re-installed it via gauge. The second bug was about some faulty triggers in the morgue section at the end of it, which I easily solved with “noclip”.

In conclusion this mod is a really good piece of mapping horror in HL2 source engine. Its perfect to play it in some Halloweens eve, and if you want to try the medium library of HL1 & HL2 scary mods, then this one is somewhat mandatory.

I also liked this author work! I think is great and it has some cool quality, reminded me the “Grey” fps horror mod in some parts and in some mapping style reminded me the hegemonic “Cry of Fear” too, so I’d love to see a scary mod from this author where actually you can shoot and kill some monsters, that would be just awesome, by the way, I think he’s developing another scary mod, as I saw it on his Mod DB profile, I hope it will be good as much as this one.


Horror Story

Mod review

Terrible. No weapons at all just escape and some parts are just stupidly hard ***



Mod review


Mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

OK so, I can say i liked this little arena old school HL1 Combat mod. There is no story or stuff to tell, just go to the point: play old HL1 Combat.

The whole place is nice and i really liked this japanese pagoda style. Also this feels like an overall classic arena mod, so be warn you have to make some difficult jumps and be ready for some unadvised ambushes in your way!

My only complaint is that some jumps are quite difficult so you have to cheat almost mandatory in more than 2 places. Also is kind of easy to get confused in which path to go. Also some health kits are difficult to reach and overall scarce.

In conclusion i got entertained by this release, and i enjoy the combat and the old school environment in this map.

So I can recommend it and i'd say is a Play it Now.



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This little mod was a nice touch of mystery as is involved into the atmospheric and mythical aura of the HL2 Beta. Indeed I think the original HL2 Beta project was even more darker and sinister than the HL2 we all have played. Well in this mod through its all 4 maps you can see that darker aura, a strange but cool oppressive superb dark environment, even scary environment.

Overall i liked the whole dark environment in all the maps, though i felt this mod more like a mapping demonstration than a complete piece of work with plenty of combat in there. Combat is very scarce indeed, so I guess the charm on this mod is about exploration, also I have to mention the overall difficulty of this mod is really hard, so be warn about it.

I think this modder could do a better mod with a bigger team on his side, as I think is kind of sad not many modders are willing to do a HL2 beta style map, i think because is hard and actually many HL2 Beta mods have been cancelled. Actually we only have the great Missing Info. And as far as i know this one.

All in all, I think this is an OK mod to play latter, and if you're looking for mods with a Beta scenario well then You will have to try this one, I also think this is special because we can actually fight a Cremator, that's a rare enemy on HL2 mods and it would be really nice if some other modders could introduce it in a creative way into a more complete HL2 Beta mod.


Half-Life Hazardous Materials

Mod review

Ok so here we have nice maps, cool basic story and acceptable combat scenarios all over the place, so is a nice medium lenght mod.

I liked the interesting mysterious g-man sightings, and some of those were quite good planed.

In the bad points I think a big WTF moment is about the music, a heavy metal super hardcore stuff is just not quite appropiate for a hl1 mod, i’d love to hear something electronic or anything different from that heavy metal concert definitely!

About the episode 2, I'd say it improved a lot the original and previous Ep1. The whole mapping design was improved and now it doesn't feel quite boxy, and a lot of work were put into the "open" areas, which makes you feel you're definitely inside Black Mesa.

The combat was also enhanced in this current ep2, and always was intense and kind of hard both against xenians and grunts, the mounted gun part was just lovely to play. But the med kits supplies were very, very scarce and that just sucks as battles are hard and can turn down your health points very quickly.

The story is developed into the mod and that's a nice detail, though I honestly have to say that voice cast is horrible and it doesn't feel very realistic. Also another thing that I dislike it was the end, it was very lame, and almost absurd you never see it came and literally ends up in a boring hallway so I hope an ep3 could expand the story and gameplay a little bit more.


The Masked Prisoner

Mod review

Wow this is a very cool piece of work!

I really enjoyed, and I think the fact that made me really got hooked and entertained by this mod, is that it’s goal it’s simple and very realistic. You know “escape the prison” though things won’t be as you expected at the final moments and that’s pretty well done in this mod, I mean it has a very sweet and cool element of surprise and the whole story plot development is told into the mod gameplay perfectly.

I think also another great point in favor about this mod, is that the sections are defined pretty neatly, there’s a perfect introduction to the scenario which keeps the player involved and curious about exploring where are you and who are you. Also we have a middle part, where we actually have to get the things done, then a cool incressendo battle and a splendid and surprising end.

I think this little mod is a classic in HL2 modding universe now, and why? well simple: because it uses Barney as the main character and because the whole story feels very real into the HL2 universe. And also because the little detention post of the combine looks like a very realistic concentration camp, and the environment is terrific at the beginning, you know, we feel the totalitarian fist of the CMB and is just a joy to ravage it oppressive system pictured there on that little countryside prison or detention camp.

The only issue I see with this mod, is that although we are into a beautiful scenario, with magnificent green forest and mountain views, some mapping details, as many in this forum have already noticed, feel just way too sharp and straight lined, specially those edges, you know, I also feel some indoor areas and cabins quite boxy, and those really sharped edges in outdoor areas make them feel not very natural.

But despite of those minor shortcomings, this mod is very nice and a joy to play too, the whole details of what to do (like those cool blueprints in the rebel base) and how the resistance members contact you and enco


The Gate 2

Mod review may contain spoilers

TG2 develops a very intense and strong environment, a sheer atmosphere that keeps the whole The Gate universe alive, and I think that’s why I also liked the mod, because not only the battles got me entertained, but also the story despite its voids kept me hooked and always wondering and always wanting to know what was coming next.
Now about the proper mapping, well I have to be objective in this paragraph and say honestly that TG2 was like a crazy roller coaster in between average, bad and good mapping. I mean some parts like the Alaska section or the North Korean sections frankly have to be revisited. In the Alaska map, an airboat or a jalopy-jeep could be handy, and also there are many parts where you can get completely out of the map and see the naked details of it, the same happens in the nuclear north Korean plant map, there we can get out of the map completely and some sections looks completely unpolished, this can be an opportunity to improve it and offer a better quality mapping in there.
Also the first sections, mars and the Nazi 2nd WW were fair enough average to good in quality terms and they looked and play OK, also the whole area 51 section was nice but I had some terrible trigger problems in there because some doors that were supposed to be opened pressing buttons didn’t worked, or like in the pit prison section triggers that activate sequences just took so long. And finally I have to say not all the maps in TG2 were bad or low quality, and honestly some of them like the surface section of Area 51, and the Dinosaur Forrest just were stunning, I loved the Dino section as it was visually a very impressive huge map (actually divided into 2 sectons), though I’d like at least to be armed before face the main raptor or retrieve the battery from the fallen helicopter.
I have to say the absence of custom weaponry was a kind of let down in my gameplay experience, because this mod could fit perfect regarding the custom weapons models, also I got disappointed

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