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Remember the game I posted the intro? You know, Codename: Outbreak. You may know it as 'Project Venom'. Well, Monday I failed. I couldn't rise up to my own and my friend's expectation. I fell short:

So I didn't fell short, I fell actually 12 meters down that bloody ladder. I think I almost made a hole in the floor because of the impact.And Moose_Head thought that was funny! Here are his words from the e-mails we exchanged after that ill-fated day:

I will encode one clip of some superb action for your viewing pleasure.

I have to tell you man, I have to try hard not to wake my dad with my laughter when I watch that clip. :D Oh man, I've got tears in my eyes right now, I mean really!

Cheers man, and thanks for cheering me up! :)

And another one:

I think what does it [make this funny] is three things:
1) It looks like you're doing a bomb, (you know the edge of swimming pool dive).
2) Your gun goes of when you miss. And
3) You state that it was "Not funny", which of course makes it even more funny! :D

Sorry man, I know it can't be that funny, but it just got me. :)

So there you go, if you ever want to illustrate a co-op tactical shoter being funny as hell, point them here.

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