The host and commentator of stream for mods such as Mental Omega 3.0, Red Resurrection, Attacque Superior and Rise of the Reds. If you want me to stream your Red Alert 2 mod, send me a message and maybe we can do business.

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MooMan's Rules

Mod review

By todays standards it would be a 6/10, but you have to remember that this mod had no Ares, N Patch or Rock Patch. This is YR modding in its purest form. And that this mod has been dead for years.
I'm glad that this is a mod I got introduced to back in the day and that it had such fun game modes such as Tech War.

For those interested, I did a C&C Mod Spotlight for this mod a little while ago:
Yuri & Bonus:


CannisRules: Balance of Power

Mod review

The very first mod that I was introduced to. back in 2009. I know that this mod doesn't use Rockpatch, Npatch or Ares and thus the possibilities are somewhat limited.
But shortly after I discovered other mods that had much more to offer with the same deal, so this quickly became lackluster

Recently, I did a series of livestreams *uploaded to here ( ) here ( ) and here ( ) taking a trip down memory lane and it was nice.

Unfortunately as mentioned, this mod was rather lackluster with what it had to offer and the majorty of my 6 consists of nostalgia


C&C Generals: Crazy Mod

Mod review may contain spoilers

My biggest mistake, when I went in for my C&C Mod Spotlight, was that I came in, expecting to see all that is shown on the ModDB. But alas. No special Battle Busses, no Balista or Stealth Tank, no super mega awesome Overlord... I was a bit disappointed. If this stuff was in it would've been at least an 8
However, I know this mod has been concidered dead for the past 7 or so years and that Jordan most likely has moved on with life (given that he is still alive) and has lost interest in modding.

Here are the links to the Spotlight Videos:



Game review

CnC Holland

Mod review

It's actually a 6.5 because of the state it's in and left.
while there is a lot either not working at all or broken, I still had fun with this mod for what did work.

I know this mod hasn't seen active development in 10 years, but I really hope the devs decide to pick it back up again to at least make sure that what they put in actually works


Mental Omega

Mod review

If not for the annoyingly difficult missions, which I can't even cheese, this wod;ve been higher.


Twisted Insurrection

Mod review

YR Red-Resurrection

Mod review - 3 agree

Of course only following it from somewhere in 1.5 closed Beta. so far it has great promise.
A definitly good possible continuation of what could've happened after the Allied victory of YR, while still keeping to some of the tech of the original and also expanding techs on both sides.
It's not really a bad thing to leave the Yuri faction out of a YR mod, especially since you keep some of his tech in the Soviets, where he started.
I enjoy streaming this as it's a different approach to modding this classic game.

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