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hdrakon @ atWar

i agree about the good stuff you said about the game, in my opinion AW is like one of the best online strategy browser game i ever played, and i played alot of browser games believe me.
it look like you dislike the way its because the game creators need to get some revenue from this game after wasting non stop for this game to maintain it, then its not so good anymore?.
i think non payers still have a good deal, because they are able to play games for free and use their available sp to purchase upgrades and stuff..
non payers:
1.)they are allowed to play any kind of custom map.
2.)have almost all the basic game features apart from the desired ones that are kept to be used for premiums.
as long as you didnt paid cash and saw the difference from premium to non premium dont say such things about the game, and if you want a to play custom map as non payer member ask nicely from the players to make a map you want and i am sure they will be glad to help you in this tinny issue, or pay to have map/scenario pack, it cost few cents and it will help the game alot, just dont leave such wonderful game because of of tiny problems that you cause..

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hdrakon @ atWar

atWar is an excellent Strategic online multiplayer game.
i love it because of of this:
true based GDP on countries that make it more realistic to play and also population casualties that make the game much interesting then other browser games + ability to create your own custom map and units. which I love the most .

in my opinion it's the best browser game I ever played, enjoying every moment of me being here with cool environment

register and try it out, i am sure you will enjoy it ike me and many others that are enjoying it right now .

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