I am a geeky nerd turd, that is stuck in the eighties. I play loads of NES, SNES and random PC games. I've always had dreams and ideas about making games, but I can never wrap my head around programming.

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This is a kind of game that puts wonder into me. Sure, I have no idea what I'm doing or accomplishing, but just seeing everything and figuring it all out for myself. Finding and pillaging the dungeon with friends, our entire party being wiped out by a single boss monster, and everyone enjoying themselves. I love this game so much, I want everyone to know about it. I want everybody to join and play all the time. People are still playing to this day! Though it may only be one or two people, I believe that we can repopulate the world of Silverquest. Please, if you haven't, give this game a try. The simplicity of it all is beautiful. Here is a link to keep in touch with the developer and other active players.


Keep playing and have fun!



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This game is so large for being in alpha. It already feels like a game, and I don't know what else they could add. Its alot of fun with the story, endless upgrades, random quests, and difficulty. I love the feel of it. I love the replayability of it, and the random guns. This game is wonderful! Plus its cheap when i got it, so thats a plus. Thank you Phr00t!

*By the way, those of you who think this game is a minecraft clone are definitely wrong. This game may be made of bricks, but its a whole different game. It features RPG elements along with First Person Shooter fighting. There are a variety of weapons, destructible enviroments, and quests. This game is DIFFERENT*

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