I was Hard_Work_Series once...well...I am an amnesia modder currently working on the custom story "Kirous" with scripting help from "Kaernk aka Marcusyaho",and an Anime fan as you can tell from the name,backround,pictures and gifs i have in my profile :p track me?I don't know why but if you want to fell free do so :p Animes i watched/currently watching, Hanuyamata, Clannad, Clannad After story, Akame Ga kill, Attack on titan, Motto To Love Ru "Why do we care?" well i just typed them here so i don't forget them :p If you want to see more/bonus screenshots of my story you can add me on steam "Hard_Work_Kyou" :3

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This mod was actually a lot more than i expected,and the fact that you have to figure the plot yourself is just super intriguing,the atmosphere was great,but the levels lacked some level design at some points,but over all i loved it

So here is my opinion on the story:Everything that happens in the custom story,is our character trying to change its own being?or soul?and the monsters we encounter are our older selves?And the only way to is escape this never ending cycle is death.

Well i really dont know but i would love to find more,or even discover the full storyline!



Mod review

Escape from Brackenburg

Mod review

The Mystery of the Mansion

Mod review

At first when i started playing your mod i was all like "meeh" but when the scares started to kick in made it a **** ton of fun to be honest :)

Nice work and keep up!



Castle of Horrors

Mod review - 2 agree

This is just freaking terrible...
HUGE maps with no rooms,only one.
The "main"entrance of the castle is a maze?then a huge useless room and another maze?...Jannete's bedroom....omg.. there was not even a bedroom in her bedroom...Every puzzle was taken fully by the original story..
terrible,just terrible.When i finished your cs i auto deleted cause it was so bad..
And the only reason i downloaded it is just because the "recommended list" was showing your mod....

1/10 - Terrible


gloomy mansion

Mod review

no review is needed



Mod review - 3 agree

This custom story was amazing!
The atmosphere was really good
Nice amount of monster encounters
But the only think that made this custom story not take a 10 from me
was it's ending,it didn't made any sense and it just ends there with no clue what happened next.
Amazing custom story after all!


The Mysterious Case Of Uncle Freidrich

Mod review

Just finish your custom story and this is what i came in conclusion.

I have seen a lot of problems with most keys or maybe all of them
And some notes were blank as well.

The juampscares were great but Some of them didn't made sence at all.

And the fact that you find so much oil was kinda stupid cause you didn't get to have a lantern in this cs(or maybe i missed it i don't know).

And the cs was kinda short

So make sure you upload another version of your cs with the .lang file fixed.

Good luck in your future custom story part II of this as i have seen in the credits ;)

My rating is 6/10.

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