Hey, I'm Happytata and I'm kinda new to Mod DB. I just joined a few months ago, but please don't consider me a n00b. I am familiar with most PSP and PC terms like "CFW", or "Processor", and stuff like that. I am open to many jobs, but keep in mind that I have not learned c++, but I can write HTML fluently, and I am learning javascript. Help in learning the more advanced techniques, and more about modding and hacking would be greatly appreciated.

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Nazi Zombies Portable

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I got the alpha v1.2, and I spent all night playing it! It's a great game! Obviously its not finished, but it's still fun! There are few improvements that could be made, though. I think there should bve more rooms, for one. Right now, the game only has four rooms. I''m pretty sure it will be made a reality in the finished version, but I'm just saying. Next thing I found a problem was that you didn't get money for building barriers! I know this is alpha, but still. And one last thing. All the screen shots of the game that are on this website are of a completely different map! I think the game should have a selection of different maps. Overall, it was a great game, and I had a great time playing it.

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