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Escape Manson 2

Mod review

The Shadow of the Ramlord

Mod review - 2 agree - 1 disagree

Finally played it all! I have been waiting for this mod for AGES, and to be completely honest, it was a bit of a let-down compared to what I was hoping it would be...

- Some very nice level design
- some scary moments

THE NEUTRAL(Doesn't affect the score, where nitpicks generally go):

- The story was confusing as hell, and not in a good way either.
- Fairly boring most of the time
- Pretty short compared to what I was expecting.
- Overall not as good as I hoped.

---IN DEPTH---

Level design:
The level design was amazing, as expected.
- 9/10

The story was a miss for me unfortunately as I didn't particularly understand most of it.
- 5/10

The gameplay was "meh" pretty boring at times, at least for me, very "move forward and hear dialogue" ish.
- 6/10

The lighting was great, which is a plus, amazing to look at.
- 9/10

Fear Factor:
Not that scary to be honest, at least for me, but it had its moments, so I give it a generous 8.
- 8/10

FINAL SCORE(average of the scores above): 7.4 round to nearest whole number, 7/10, honestly not what I was hoping for, but hey, it happens.


Key to Freedom

Mod review may contain spoilers

Key to Freedom is an amazing custom story, one of the best I've ever played, not much else to say to start this review out.

- Scripting unlike any I've seen before.
- Atmosphere is CREEPY AS HELL
- Levels well designed
- Fairly long mod, despite taking place in a relatively small location.

- some of the accents in certain notes were unrealistic, its a very minor problem but still I feel it worth addressing

- The puzzles seemed to either be too obvious or too obscure, there were a lot of puzzles that were down to just guessing, and it got pretty ragey at times, however, there were a few puzzles that were fairly original and this is the first time I've seen a mod utilize the Orbs as anything other than a story object.

Level Design:
Level Design was pretty good. and with a fair amount of Outdoor environments.
- 8/10

The story was awesome, basically, you play as a child from a behavior institute, trying to obtain a key for Mr. Wilkinson, As you explore Ashbury Manor, you find out the history of the manor.
- 9/10

Fear Factor:
TOP NOTCH, this was one of the scariest mods I've ever played. I am so glad I played it.
- 10/10

FINAL GRADE(based on the average of the 3 scores above): 9/10
Definitely recommend giving this mod a play!


Amnesia - The Chosen Ones

Mod review - 1 disagree

Ok so I beta tested this one, and I got scared by it. it was pretty good actually

- Well placed scares/monster encounters
- No cheap scares
- level design was pretty solid all around

- this is stated in the description but there is no story to it

There was nothing really "Bad" about this mod

Level Design:
Pretty solid all around, A few maps I recognized from Orion, which is a previous custom story made by the same creator.
- 8/10

- //NULL\\/10(not being counted)

Scare Factor: This wasn't as scary as some of the other mods, but I had my moments of fear playing it, so I give it a 7
- 7/10

This mod was gameplay focused, and thats a somewhat unique thing tbh. I enjoyed the puzzles, despite getting stuck, as each time I got stuck was due to my own stupidity and natural curse to overlook the obvious.
- 8/10

Overall Grade(based on average of the 4 scores above) 7.6/10, so round that up to nearest whole number, 8/10, nice work, I enjoyed it.


Amnesia: A Coward's Debt

Mod review - 1 agree

Ok I played this, and I nearly died. I'M NOT EVEN JOKING. Its scary as hell, definitely don't recommend it if you are a faint-of-heart type.

- level design was good
- Scary as hell
- one custom monster
- engaging story

- Pretty short mod, but quality over quantity

- Not too kind to low-end PC's(especially the first map)
- Lack of direction/clear objective at times

The story was well written, somewhat confusing at first but that's what most Amnesia players like to see. I enjoyed putting together the story as I played this.
- 9/10

Level Design:
The levels were well designed, and took advantage of the Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs assets, Nice work with the levels
- 8/10

Fear Factor:
Christ, where to begin with this one. There was a custom monster, and I barely saw it throughout the custom story, and what I did see of it made me crap myself, literally. The atmosphere was well done, and took time to build up to the reveal of the monster. Nothing came when you expected it, and that's whats good in a horror game.
- 10/10

The Gameplay was the only mildly disappointing thing about this mod, I enjoyed the puzzles, and the use of the MFP assets in said puzzles, and the lack of a lantern was oddly satisfying, but there was a lack of clear direction, and I often found myself stuck and wondering if I was doing the right thing or not, I like puzzles where you have to think, but the overall goal was unclear at times.
- 7/10

Overall score(based on average of the 4 scores above) - 8.5/10, so basically 9/10 - good custom story, I definitely recommend giving it a play.


Amnesia - Orion [Chapter 1]

Mod review


Before I start, I want to say that 1, I DID BETA TEST THIS, 2: There will be spoilers, so play the game for yourself before reading, 3: I'm not here to hate on the story, (not that this one deserves much negative feedback, i just say this on all of my reviews) I'm here to give my honest opinions on the mod,

-There were 3 puzzles, one of them was an original I have never seen anything like before.
-Short mod, able to be played in one sitting(Not that a long mod is a bad thing to me)
-Well placed monster encounters, (the brute breaking the door in the beginning nearly gave me a heart attack XD)
-Immersive mod, that kept me scared for the majority of it


Level Design: 7/10
The levels were pretty well designed. and the lighting in the first 2 maps was relatively unique. What makes the rating 7 is the lack of unique locations. It would be an 8 or 9 otherwise.

Story: 7/10
The story was pretty good, I enjoyed the story, but at the same time there WAS a-lot of reading, which isn't necessarily bad, just it took up a-lot of time, and the story was set up a bit weirdly, but still, nice work.

Fear Factor: 8/10,
I was thoroughly scared throughout the majority of the mod, which is what I like to see from a custom story. Nice use of the brute too, The brute is really the scarier of the 2 monsters from TDD, and he is very under-utilized.

Final Average Calculations:

LD: 7

total: 22
22/3 = 7.3, round to nearest whole number = 7

FINAL SCORE: 7/10, good mod.


The Great Work

Mod review may contain spoilers

First of all, I am NOT here to hate on the CS, I'm here to give my honest opinions

Unique puzzles that required the player to pay attention to details, as well as some unique setups for said puzzles.

Although the meat of the story does revolve around an orb, which isn't all that original of a concept, The story still proved quite unique from the previous ones that I have played.

CUSTOM MONSTERS, 2 VERY WELL MADE ONES! and said monsters terrified the **** out of me! this is what I like to see.

Custom music that actually expanded through the majority of the story, which is amazing, only a few tracks from TDD used, the rest was all custom.

+4 to the overall score calculation

A few puzzles took me way to long to solve.

-1 to the overall score calculation.

Level design, 7/10,
standard dungeons, corridors, etc for the most part.

Puzzles, 7/10,
the puzzles were unique but a few of them were a bit too tricky, I got stuck on a few of them for a while.

Fear Factor, 8/10
The custom monsters were terrifying, and the atmosphere was well done, I enjoyed this one

Story, 9/10
a bit of a cliche base, but the way it built onto itself made it overall unique enough to get a 9!


Level design: 7
Puzzles 7
Fear Factor: 8
Story: 9

31 +4 for the good, -1 for the bad

34/4 = 8.5

round to the nearest whole number: 9

overall grade 9/10 Great custom story.



Mod review may contain spoilers

Ok, before I start, I am NOT here to hate on the custom story, I'm just going to be honest and say my opinions.

The Good:
The story itself was a direct continuation of the Daniel ending for Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and utilized a bunch of the assets in ways I have never seen before or since. The puzzle with the eagle statues and lion statues and orb shards as stained glass shards was unique, and fun to solve. I also enjoyed the portal potion puzzle. The story was a bit cliche but it was set up very well, and the origin given to the brute was a neat aspect, as TDD never actually gave a direct origin to the brute. Monster encounters were placed well, and the fear factor was set up well, utilizing every monster in Amnesia (including the Justine Suitor) at least once, which is nice. (+ 3 to final average calculation)

The Bad:
There were a few scenes that I absolutely hated however. The spider mine was one of them, no offense, but you literally took the spider code from penumbra: overture and made it more rage worthy, also THAT ENDING. YOU DON'T END A HORROR GAME WITH A NINTENDO STYLE BOSS FIGHT DUDE! This alone took quite a bit of the score from the CS itself. (-4 to final average calculation)

Level Design, 7/10
Pretty average all around, standard dungeons, mansions, castles, corridors etc. for the most part.

Puzzles, 9/10
Some unique and tricky puzzles were included, as well as unique utilization of the assets from Amnesia TDD, There were quite a few assets throughout the CS used for puzzles in ways I have never seen before. nice work on the puzzles.

Fear Factor, 8/10
I was pretty scared throughout MOST of the custom story, minus the Spider mine, and the final battle with Alexander, so overall nice work.

Calculations for final score:
Level design = 7
Puzzles = 9
Fear Factor = 8

total = 24
+3 for positives
-4 for negatives

23/3 = 7.6

round up to nearest whole number = 8

final score = 8/10, pretty solid mod honestly


The Grey Eagle

Mod review may contain spoilers

I played this a while back, and I feel I owe it a review

Level Design: 8/10
pretty normal levels. Standard dungeons and corridors for the most part, but well designed and there were a few locations that I had never seen in a custom story before.

Puzzles: 7/10
the puzzles were challenging, however, they were easy to get stuck on if you didn't pay attention, I honestly got stuck on the puzzle, when the player had to break doors to find a key to the lab, for god knows how long.

Scare Factor: 10/10
I RARELY GIVE THIS HIGH OF A RATING but this custom story was amazing in terms of scare factor. I noticed that there were a-lot of subtle details that subconsciously freaked you out, without you even knowing why you were scared. Oddly enough, to kind of put myself in the mindset for this, and to kinda get a true idea of what I was going to say here, I actually replayed the first hour or so of this custom story. Nice use of shadows as well, the majority of this custom story was the use of shadows to tell the story, and subtle details that scared me.

Overall grade(based on average of the scores listed above): 8.3/10, so yea, basically 8/10


Amnesia: Orion [DEMO]

Mod review may contain spoilers

This is only a demo, but it showed potential, I understand this mod is canceled, but I still feel the need to say how I felt about the demo.

The 2 levels in the demo were well designed, and the one "puzzle" was pretty well made, I can tell that inspiration was taking from the "examination" feature from the Penumbra trilogy, I think my brain automatically compared the inclusion of things I could click to get little details, to Penumbra

For an Amnesia custom story, having only one monster "encounter" and that very encounter being a single brute walking by, It wasn't all that scary to be honest. Now, don't take this review offensively, I just believe that honesty is better than trying to sugar coat things.

OVERALL GRADE(based on opinion):
Level design: 9/10
Puzzles: 7/10
Fear Factor: 5/10
Overall score(based on Average of the 3 scored above): 7/10

Suggestions: Maybe make the monsters more present in any future custom stories created, I understand that you don't want to overuse the monsters, but add subtle sound effects triggered by random things here and there(obviously, it depends on the level), even if the level itself wont have a monster, that makes the monster more present, thus the sense of fear builds.

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