What up everybody? My name is Matt! This is my ModDB page, I post gameplay commentary videos as well as development updates on my YouTube channel as well as updates here on ModDB should I need to! I am working on a custom story for Amnesia right now titled Order of the Skull which I recommend you check out!

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The original demo actually has an easter egg that can be unlocked in the last level, so far, as far as I am aware, nobody has found it. This easter egg was thrown together at the last minute as a fathers day present for my dad.

The note in the West Wing in the demo titled "Log #1 - Project: Helping Hand" has a brief homage to the creepypasta "An Empty Prison" "...we were forced to release it into An Empty sector of the Prison..." you will notice, An, Empty, and Prison words all begin with a capital letter in this quote.

of all of the maps that were in the demo, the only one I decided to keep and edit as opposed to scrap and remake was the first map.

The teaser trailer actually features a clip from the game, you may notice that the trailer is the beginning dialogue when the game is loaded when you play

The Order of the Skull demo features a storyline I no longer have plans to impliment, certain referenced characters are going to exist in the full game, but I have almost completely changed the story otherwise!

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