Hajas is Freddy Hajas. I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I'm a graduated System Analyst and Programmer for a long time. I really love to programming since I was a kid with my MSX Computer. On my free time aside the normal stuff as friends, wife and play my soccer like any real brazilian, I also have more two passions, music and games. About music you should check www.hajas.org, and the site www.mods.hajas.org is about my love for games, not only for playing them, but also to create or modding to make them even more fun. But my focus isn't much common in mod community, instead of focus on the graphics like 99% of the modders around, I'm dedicated to the gameplay which IMO is missing and disappointing in the last releases in the game industry. I'm always changing the games to make them harder for please hardcore players like myself, giving a new balance and creating brand new features and gametypes never saw before in the games. Many of them already copied in the mainstream releases.

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In about few weeks Frontlines FOREVER will be released to the public! But still lots of work to do, specially relative in the Remapping and the WayPoints.

The Remapping is the name I gave to the process to make a map ready to be played with the Forever Concept, and the WayPoints are necessary to make the Bots playable on the maps, so to let you play with bots in Multiplayer but also the Coop Missions.

I need around 1-2 hours to Remap a map, and 2-4 hours to create the WayPoints to a map, all is relative to the size of the maps. And I'm planning doing this to EVERY MAP ever created to COD4. It's a LOT of work!

For doing this HUGE project to let everyone play COD4 simply FOREVER as the new Frontlines promisses, I need your help!

I just started a Patreon page! Become a Patron to garantee a future to Frontlines and to make the audacious Rio come true! You can tip with very low values and receive exclusive content and also become part of this history! I'm counting on you!


Thank you for all the support!

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