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Slender: The Arrival

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The game is amazing! Not only the graphich are stunning, but also the gameplay. The game made by the creator of the original Slender (and the rest of the team) keeps getting better and better.
The story is mysterious which makes the game creepy and the feel of being isolated and defenceless made the game a great one. The game is a little short in the moment, but it has a good reason for that because the camera battery runs out in the end.
I give it 10/10, not only because it is original, but also because it is awesome with all the things they added and improved.
Keep on with the good work, guys!


SCP - Containment Breach

Game review

Awesome game, awesome idea, awesome story and scares. I really enjoyed this game and even today - it scares the $hit out of me. I hope the game doesn't die and that the awesome updates and news keep on coming. :D


Slender: The Eight Pages

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One of the rare games that scare me at night.


Slenderman's Shadow

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This game is a total Slender rip-off.They wanted and they got more than 1000 $ through donations and such for the "remake".
The remake is the same game but something is changed....
They totaly got the Slender idea wrong,the ending is lame---you can't escape from Slenderman no matter how much you try.I mean,c'mon-he can teleport,a door or a fence shouldn't be a problem.
The ideas were stolen from their forum which isn't a real problem.
The Slender games are always the page collecting and boring.
After paying 1000 $ for the remake they sayed it's gonna be free and they wanted it to be on Steam Greenlight!?
They got rejected probably and now they want 7 $...and Slender : The Arrival cost 5 $ for pre-ordering.
That's why I rated it 1/10.There's a lot I can tell about them and what else they did...they were also showing off about it way too much,they didn't ask for permition to make the game...I heard that the Slender creator,AgentParsec contacted Marc Steene (Slenderman's Shadow creator) about : why did they do that and about that they should stop......
Marc Stene left the chat and baned AgentParsec. But that's just what I heared so I didn't know if it's true...
A lot of people were criticizing the game about that it's not good as Slender and how some people wanted their money back (donation about 1000 $) and Marc Steene deleted their comments.....even mine...
That is probably all I can think of right now.
BTW.Sorry for my bad English.


Slender: The Nine Pages

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