Don't mind me, I'm just covertly making a mod. No further progress until major progress is done.

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Hahaha still in the Provinces

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Yeah....I went back for work a couple of times but that's about it. Progress is minimal and I don't think I can upload anything with mobile reception this bad. I'll still do *something* but the lack of easy references/public assets is rough.

Covid Update

GuardianTempest Blog

I'm alive and safe in a remote part of the provinces. I've been here since March 12. I'm supposed to return sooner but, well, Extended Community Quarantine. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for my mobile data reception being so weak. It keeps vanishing tbroughout the day. With a weakened connectionn my progress is slowed to a halt because I need to look up photos and videos online.

And also because the internet makes me happy :P

Slowly making progress for 2020

GuardianTempest Blog

No internet in the condo (as of this blog post) and I'm burning through mobile data to keep in touch, when I'm not mooching off the office wifi.

I've had some minor progress with the mod I'm making, namely just setting up the skeletons of the different systems I want to use. I've just learned how to bind skeletons to meshes, but it'll be a while before I can make my own. And that's not factoring in the texturing half of making units. It looks so hard but it's so useful to do.

Conceptually, USA and China are the most developed, with some wiggle room for more ideas. With new SAGE tricks I've learned, I think I can make some of the weirder units I wanted. When is the first release gonna be ready? Not for a while, but if I have enough progress on December, then that would be great.

Life is stabilizing, I could begin doing something.

GuardianTempest Blog

Not a lot of things has happened to this account since I registered it, huh? Well, for the past few months I was busy with my job (transition from contractual to regular employee), my father's retirement from the military, and recently the moving of houses. I didn't get a lot of chances to "get into the zone" when learning 3ds max. The real thing I blame was the frequent amount of unforeseen obligations, like the multiple times I had to play fetch quest with registration requirements. But now that I'm done with that, my schedule seems to have stabilized slightly and I'm getting familiar with my routine.

It'll be a while before I can have something for show here. I've only just returned to learning this 3d contraption, the skill rust is real. And I still have to finish my idea outlines and move on to asset production.

Placeholder Introduction

GuardianTempest Blog

Let's get this outta the way

  • Relatively intermediate C&C Generals Zero Hour modder
  • Currently working on a mod but real life is making progress slower than molasses
  • Initially wanted to mod RA2/YR but making really detailed models (which would be turned to SHPs) or merely spriting like a pro is too difficult
  • Works in the background for now
  • No activity on Moddb until he has made substantial progress on his mod
  • Can handle some INI coding, is still learning how to use 3ds max so original models are kaput
  • Likes scavenging assets from old, dead and forgotten mods
  • Unless the mod creator is still active somewhere then he'll try to contact you
  • Desperately needs a mentor so he doesn't have to resort to graverobbing
  • New to this ModDB despite being on the internet for a decade, doesn't know the website's quirks

If I get temp-banned again ONE MORE TIME...

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