Just a female gamer looking for custom stories and other such goodies on here. I get bored easily so I apologize if I become distracted due to said boredom. I tend to sometimes play Minecraft, though I'm not that good with it. I'm also a Smite player and league (occasionally on LoL). If you want to chat with me, feel free to! I love some horror games, but don't be surprised if I suddenly turn tail! xD

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Okay so I am feeling a great deal better, though still not all well....uh..I played a bit of GAR (Guns and Robots), I love that game so far and need to explore it better soon, probably tomorrow as i am taking a break from a few things right now. Uhh... I also played some Transphoria, which I'm a bit disappointed...I'll tell you why: the controls are not reconfigureable which is actually not good since I am a LEFTY (lol). I have to configure the movements and such on most games to suit that fact. I do motions with my right hand generally for amnesia and a few other games, that includes TF2 and Smite. It's easier to do movement and motions with the arrow keys than wasd in my opinion. I would hope that someone updates that and puts that into consideration at some point. I do love the game, the graphics are wonderful and it is intense. I do like that though some of the key functions still annoy, but otherwise it's worthy of a 8-9 / 10 rating in my book! As long as a game can keep my focus and sucks me into said game, I will play it often as I can.

With custom stories, I am actually very VERY scared to play some of them because they creep me the F out! I love them but it's...it's really a scared/love relationship. Nothing against anyone trust me, the stories are awesome, it's just I'm a bit of a fraidy cat. I do enjoy a good scare but...if anyone sends me an f'n maze game......you are on my shit list. I've already had that happen ONCE and I swear to god above....it took at least 10 years off my life cause I screamed so f'n loud! Anyways... keep in mind that I sometimes scare easily, other times I'm far too curious to give a flying hoo-ha.

Jenni out~

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