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Zeus: Master of Olympus

Game review

Duke Hard

Mod review

This gem is a great surprise, Has been put together almost perfectly, Combined craft, interesting levels: some were horroristic, some were action-packed. Athmosphere was dense, I could have cut it.
Thank you for making a DN3D mod, which in visuals, and gameplay remains true to it's origins. It must have been a big work to organize so much talented authors.
Very good idea to merge Die Hard with Duke Nukem. You just scored a perfect hit.

Amongst my favourite levels was the empty storage level (which is short, but everything is exploding around you as in the Die Hard movie), and the supernatural horror-level. Still I don't know how did I escape from there. :)


Payne Evolution

Mod review - 5 agree - 1 disagree

I praise it's high quality, the ammount of time and professional features the author worked into the mod. It is is really a wondeful thing thing to see the enthusiasm of The Silver, because he made and developed the Payne effects mod, now he joys us with another unique mod, the Paye evolution. Not to mention other "smaller" works he did on this franchise. Also I would like to point out the master timing of the release of the mentioned mod. The Silver took care for me to start the new year playing an old game, the Max payne 2 all over again.
Also I would like to say The Silver is a good modder, whom we can always turn with questions to. He keeps good relations with his community. Grazie mille!


Forgotten Empires

Mod review

A must-have!


Brutal Doom

Mod review

Payne Effects 3

Mod review
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