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Minor Factions Revenge

Mod review

A really great mod. Really well-made, really fun to play, and pretty simple to install and run. I definitely recommend this mod to anyone playing Empire Total War.


Star Wars: BFII (2005) (GES)

Mod review

I should begin by saying I know very little about mods.

I've found this mod is great for giving lots of different graphics styles to the game, and it's good to play about with to see what you can make the game look like. Plus the load times, although longer than normal, are still fairly short, especially compared to many new games. A great graphics mod, that really gives SWBF2 some interesting looks!

After some playing, the longer loads are a bit of a nuisance, as they happen whenever you minimise the game or leave a map. However, they're not usually too long. Also, the big list of different effects you can trigger is a bit daunting and confusing, although there is a features list that comes with the download, explaining them. Some maps seem to take forever to load, and some crash, although these tend to be maps which already had a lot of graphics things going on.

Overall though, a very good mod, which I thoroughly recommend you download.

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